How to write Urdu novels

There are basically three kinds of stories

  • Novel: A well explained story
  • Short story: A few page story.
  • Novella: A story which is larger than short story but smaller than a novel.

Novel are something been always so close to a reader. A good novel is like a good food. And when a person is paying for a Novel he expects a great story and perfection in a book. Urdu novels has a great influence over many people. With its stories and selection of words they make a place in the heart of reader. But being a writer and to write a novel especially Urdu create college essay novel is no joke. it’s not like you will write anything on a piece of page and it’ll be considered as a novel. For a good writer to write a novel you need to learn about important things before starting it.

Why is it important to write a novel:

Before you write something, you need to ask yourself a question why is it important to write it? What benefit will it provide to the readers? Would it be good enough to give a message to the readers? A good writer should work on these things so that he/she can think about a meaningful and good content to write for this you have to work on your imagination, types of novels and arrange your story.

Create good novel characters:

For a story to be eye catching and interesting for a reader. You need to work on the character of your story. Create the characters as like people can relate to, imagine about and love to read them. And both the good and bad characters should be on the standards of perfection. 

Plot of the novel:

Plot is the main idea of the novel. The plot should be clear and imaginable. 

Script writing:

A person should have known what is script writing and should have a strong grip on script writing. 

Novel formation:

For a good novel a well written story is important but a well written format is most important. People get more attracted with good format of a novel and which is more easy to read. For this purpose you can use a well known software purposely designed for word processing and you can work on different languages like Urdu Arabic etc. Software namely as, Urdu Inpage free download which one can have easily from  Atozsofts website. As it is under Mac and Windows one can easily work on his PC and write novel on Urdu inpage software. Your data will be secured and saved and you don’t need to ask for someone to do your work as you can do it yourself. Well known publishers and writers use it and is best for writing your Urdu novel in good format. 

Novel’s title:

The title of the novel should be beautiful, attractive and appealing to the reader. As many readers can sense the plot of a novel from the title mentioned on the book. Therefore It should not be irrelevant and dull.

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