Learn Why It Is Important To Take the Right Sample Size for the Survey

When you are conducting any research about customers, products, or patients, you need to collect data from all the potential items and people for your study. One of the ways of doing is to take a sample of the population that you are interested in, to perform the study and arrive at the conclusion. 

The reliability of our conclusions depends a lot on the sample and the way it reflects the population. In this article, we will look at some of the major points that you need to consider at the time of conducting a survey. 

What do you mean by the size of the sample?

The sample size is a term that is often used in the area of market, and statistics research. It is used mainly when you are surveying a large set of the population of respondents. The sample size relates to the method by which research will get conducted on a large population.

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Why does the selection of the sample size matter in conducting a survey?

It is not realistically possible to obtain results from everyone. Therefore, you need to take a random sample of people who represent the entire population. The size of this sample is critical to get a precise and statistically important conclusion and successfully run your study.

If you have a too small sample size, then it may not provide you the valuable insights and results from the entire population. On the other hand, if the sample size is very large, then it can become complicated, time-consuming, and expensive to run the survey. Those you may get accurate results but the cost incurred in completing this survey will be larger. 

The margin of Error or Precision

The size of the sample has an impact on the precision of the estimate. This size tells about the information that we have as well as the level of accuracy or confidence that you can find in the sample estimates. The variation in the population leads to the uncertainty in the estimate.

If the sample size is larger, then it provides more information reduces uncertainty to a good extent. With the increase in the size of the sample, the confidence in the estimate also increases, and uncertainty decreases. In this way, you get greater precision.

How is power related to sample size?

When you increase the size of the sample, then it gives you greater ability/potential to detect differences. Larger sample sizes provide more accurate results with increased power and accuracy. However, it also costs you more money and time. 


Over the past years, researchers have dealt with the issue of locating the ideal size of the sample to get the statistically sound outcome. These are some of the important ways and considerations that will help you learn the significance of sample size and design a result-oriented survey. 

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