Matthew Davies Provides You with Ways to Start Having More Fun Playing Sports


During your childhood days, playing sports was a much-loved time. Sports teaches kids teamwork, sportsmanship, and humility. Sometimes, you may wonder that when it is so much sought-after during childhood days, why almost seventy percent of kids opt-out of any sport when they hit their teenage years. The answer is simple. It is not fun anymore. It is important that sports continue to have a positive experience so that the children are active throughout their lives. Matthew Davies explores how to instill the fun element in the sports to make it livelier and more welcoming

The Details

  1. Focus on the fun in sports – The one thing in the minds of the parents or children while pursuing any sport is how to reap the maximum benefit from it. They are either looking at scholarships or admissions in good colleges in sports quota. While trying to achieve these milestones, they forget to enjoy the sport. Instead, they play every game with a critical mind. It is essential to make kids see sports as a healthy outlet and as a place where they can have maximum fun. 


  1. Welcome to failure – It’s an old adage that ‘Failure is the pillar of success.’ Instill this in the thought process of your child. When they lose or make a mistake, make them feel it’s a part of the learning process and this is how they will excel. Once they are free from this burden, they will have a much more enjoyable time in the field. Make your kids feel that your love for them is unconditional and is not dependent on the outcome of any game. 


  1. Indulge in multi-sports – Believe it or not, sports have seen tremendous changes in the last few decades. It has become more organized, reward-oriented, and supervised by a coach. With the ever-increasing demand for professional coaching to help a child right from their tender age, kids of today are specializing in a sport at a young age. They have a rigorous schedule to follow which denies them the pleasure to take part in multiple sports. 


Diversification in sports is necessary for more physical activity. When you specialize in a particular sport you are likely to suffer some injury. When children are not able to achieve their set goals, they feel burned out and drop out of the specialized training or even stop pursuing sports altogether. People who reach the elite level of any sport at their prime age are the ones who have generally played multiple sports in their childhood.


  1. Give individual freedom – When playing a sport, the player should be allowed to set their own goals. This makes them pursue the sport with passion and they strive to achieve their expectation. Parents or guardians can act as the guiding force, but the ownership of the sport should rest with the player. A small reward given for each accomplishment motivates the player to play better the next time. 



Matthew Davies feels that you must play a sport that you like to truly have fun while playing it. Following the wish of others won’t let you have any fun, especially if you lack the confidence or are not skilled enough to play it properly.


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