Most Useful Android Apps in 2019

Revolution and technology has now changed our lives. Ease and comfort are now defined with the abilities of the smartphone devices we use. Busy routine and healthy diets with managed events. These are the dreams which people want to achieve but unfortunately, the world order has affected each of us and we are unable to do all these simultaneously this is why we think life is harder.

Smartphone applications are designed to save time by File Zig Zag. They are people’s assistant. If someone would use them in the right manner. They will definitely benefit him in the long run. Usage is up to us. People must not waste time in using various applications,  because all these apps are for saving you 3nergy  resources and time.

What people see in a smartphone application before downloading it

·         Purpose

·         Ratings

·         Reviews

And after downloading they again check if that application is

·         Time-saving

·         Hustle free

·         Helps

·         Less battery consuming

·         Number of features easily useable

All these points explain that deep down every user is trying to save their time with the best possible efficiency.

Smart Phone Device

Here is a list of the most useful smartphone applications

Google map:

If you are new in town or a travel junkie. Google map is more than a friend for you. Android users can download it free from the play store. One can never imagine how helpful it might be an Uber driver and for a lost person. It squarely deals with navigation issues.

Google drive:

Mediocre the sector might not get  all the luxuries of a smartphone., but they can have google drive for storing their data of everyday life.

The scanner:

Original documents are the most important things one would have to carry. Having your documents in your mobile phone in Scanned and pdf is a super thing. The scanner or cam scanner are applications for scanning your important ids, passports and documents in just a glimpse of an eye.

Last pass password:

Are you a busy bee? And tend to forget your passwords quite easily. Then last pass password is your assistant. It will not only suggest new passwords but link tour devices with the same passwords. It will cost you $12 annually.

Tick Tick:

Reminders, notification and suggestions all can be experienced through one application. You can make a to do list, grocery list when you go out for shopping, or in a wider picture you can use it for business meetings and family trips etc.


It is a photo editor. Not an ordinary one for changing filters and removing blemishes. It is an artistic one with animations. Like all other application, it does have it’s various versions but the most basic one is free.


It is an age of Instagram.  People tend to share stories but a 30-sec story and a one min video are sometimes unable to deliver the whole content. IGTV is an application for watching long videos just as you watch on YouTube.

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