New trend in IT: tablets to slowly replace PCs

If you still had doubts about it, here’s the official confirmation: experts claim that in next few years, the tablets will replace the PCs.

Gartner, a respected IT research and advisory company has recently issued a report, claiming that in the following 3 years time, about 10% of the PC market will be taken by tablet computers, as it seems that the trend is for the people to use the well known PCs only for business purposes from now on.

The report itself has caused some stir on the Internet, as many bloggers rushed to mention it, especially because the tablets and the smartphones have had constantly increasing sales in the last couple of years

Going back to the issue, the Gartner analysts expect for the PCs to be replaced by tablets in areas such as instant messaging or video calling as Apple for example, has brought several devices of this kind to the market in the last 3 or 4 years, with more and more manufacturers joining the party each year.

Tablets are going more poopular everyday and will slowly replace PCs in the next years

The new tablets to hit the stores have higher capabilities than the previous ones and so that they constantly improve. If you want, you can easily say that the tablets are now the new gold mine of Silicon Valley, which clearly indicates that what Gartner says is not dust in the wind.

What do you have to say about it? How do you think will this influence the decisions of the PC producers? And, most of all, will you be one of the ones that give up to their PC for a tablet?

The full version of the report can be found here

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