Online College Advantage

Online education seemed such an overwhelming idea until I dared to enroll myself in an online education program for my MCA. After a lot of brainstorming and thoughtful hours, I finally decided to give it a try. When I picked it up as a method of continuing my studies, it was more of an obligation than a free choice as it was the only way to pursue studies along with an ongoing job as a developer. But with my experience, I can tell that pursuing an online education is one of the most enriching learning experiences one can have. It’s not only a great option as a mode of learning but also offers various advantages one can hardly think of having a regular degree course or an in-person classroom. It has given me the opportunity to not just develop my academic skills but to improve my personality and develop into a better version of myself.

The very idea of being an active participant in an ongoing discussion was so intimidating that I could have hardly visualized it in my senses. But it was so amazing to see that I was not only able to speak my voice but the other participants were also responding to my views. The online discussion forums provided a new outlook and deeper insight on the course content. In addition to that, it was an enriching experience learning how to express ideas, thoughts, and perceptions via words and citations and how to deal with criticism constructively and positively. Not just that it’s easier to reflect on a statement when a person is in front of you but when being a part of an online conversation you really need to learn to be organized and apt. Online programs give you an opportunity to reflect back and improve upon your communications skills so that every word is communicated precisely and to the point.

The most constructive and creative part of the online education programs are the modes used for retention of knowledge. The online programs rely on and harness the possibilities provided by social and multimedia. They give you an opportunity to connect via different channels such as live lectures or videotaped sessions, online discussion groups, webinars, and infographics to explain as well as understand the concepts. Such multimedia tools have really proven to leave impressions in our brains that can be easily reciprocated. This results in better understanding and retention of the concepts learned.  

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