Origin of Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing

Origin of Digital Marketing or Digital Marketing

In the 90s came the first version of the Internet, a little different from what we know today, called Web 1.0.


This Internet of yesteryear did not allow users to interact with web pages in an active way, but it allowed them to find information in a simple search system.


It was like a library, where you enter, you find what you want, but you can not change the content you found.


Communication was much more of a major content producer and people accessed content passively.


It was at the beginning of the Internet that the term digital marketing was created.


However, it was still very similar to traditional marketing, because communication was unilateral, carried out by the company in a maximum institutional site, and the consumer only passively received content without close interaction between the two parties.


In 1993, Internet users began to have more interaction with the companies that advertised on the web, as it was when the first clickable ads appeared.


However, it was only in the 2000s that digital marketing became something more as we know it today.


From web 1.0 to web 2.0

It was the era of Web 2.0, where communication was more democratic, and everyone became a producer of important content.


In addition, people can now interact, either with each other or with the content available on the network.


The increase in the number of Internet users has led to this change, which continues to grow to this day.


There are scholars who point to more changes in the network after this revolution of the 2000s, and calling it the appearance of Web 3.0 and up to 4.0.


Today online marketing is moving more and more towards personalization, that is, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.


Digital Marketing: Learn Everything You Need to Know Today

Digital Marketing is a set of activities that a company or person runs on the Internet in order to attract new business and develop a brand identity. Among its main strategies are SEO, Inbound marketing and Content Marketing.


Philip Kotler, who is considered the father of modern Marketing, divides Digital Marketing into three eras, Marketing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.


When it refers to Marketing 2.0 indicates that at this point companies not only sell quality goods, but also begin to study and understand their customers and also “study the behaviors and preferences of consumers, to give them the best possible service” .


When he talks about Marketing 3.0 he exposes:


“At this point it is about understanding that knowing the customer is much more than finding a person interested in your product (…) It is understanding that people are in an unstable world with economic and ecological problems that must be corrected.”


The main objective of a company that works with Marketing 3.0 is to show the client that they care about improving their situation.


We already understand what the evolution of the Marketing concept is about, from just giving a good service, to understanding what my client needs and trying to offer exactly that.


Regarding the definition of Digital Marketing, Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, in “Fundamentals of Marketing”, 6th edition, 2003, assure that “E-Marketing: consists of what a company does to publicize, promote and sell products and Internet services. “


For its part, Wikipedia defines it as follows:


 “Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms, such as websites, email, web applications (classic and mobile) and social networks.

Basic concepts of Digital Marketing as say agencia marketing digital

To understand in depth about Digital Marketing, it is necessary that you understand some basic terms that you will see throughout this article, so we present them to you below.



It is a word or a series of keywords whose importance is that they are the ones that most people use when doing a search in the engines. They are essential to create a strategy

Keyword Research

It is the study that allows you to identify which keywords are the most used by people to find specific information.



Search Engine Optimization for its acronym in English, is the set of actions or techniques that will help search engines to find the keywords and information of a particular website.


Organic Positioning

It is the result of a successful SEO campaign and refers to the results that appear just below the ads that show the search results.


Campaigns Pay Per Click

It is the payment made to the search engines so that the site can appear in the first places of the results, but it will be highlighted that it is advertising.


Click to Rate or CTR

It is the number of clicks that has a link within the number of impressions, that is, it is used to know how many people clicked on an advertisement while it was shown.



It is a link or link that a foreign site makes with its own, and it is important because the more relevant the site that makes the backlink, the page will be more likely to appear in the first places of the search.


Landing Page

It is the first encounter that a user has with a page that comes from an advertisement (this could be with PPC campaigns or in Social Media).



It is the real connection that exists between a brand and its customers in social networks: the more interaction, the greater the engagement.



It is when a user carries out the final action, but this depends on the objectives of each company; For example, the conversion of a virtual store would be for the user to make the purchase as say consultor seo.

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