Possible results of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is the surgical intervention that is performed in order to modify the structure or appearance of the nose, to achieve greater facial harmony. This operation is one of the most performed in plastic surgery, and is that, with the nose being the central element of the face, it is of great weight when judging the beauty of the face. This operation, although it has its risks as any surgery, does not qualify as complicated, and tends to be successful. However, a standard can not be established on rhinoplasty results, since they vary depending on the procedure and the patient.
The results of rhinoplasty can not be generalized, since this operation is not established in descriptive steps, each one is different from the other, since it takes into consideration the facial features of the patient and the objective of the intervention must be adapted to the anatomy of it. In addition, the expectations of each person interested in undergoing rhinoplasty, are variants.
What is visualized in rhinoplasty results?
This surgical intervention can be done inside the nostrils, or through an almost imperceptible incision at the base of the nose. The surgeon uses this to make bone or cartilage adjustments.
In the results of the rhinoplasty it can be observed if the surgeon increased or decreased the size of the bone or the dimensions of the cartilage. These modifications are made according to the medical materials and the structure of the nose. In small modifications, the specialist can make use of cartilage extracted from the same nose, or cartilage extracted from the ear. If the surgery requires more work, the doctor may opt for the use of cartilage extracted from an implant or rib. Just as you can use bones from other areas of the body, from the same patient.
It is necessary that the patient enters surgery with clear expectations about the results of the same, for this, in the consultations prior to the intervention, the doctor should tell you what can be done, and what can not. In addition, many consultations make use of a photography program, where the current nose is photographed and modified on the computer to visualize the possible result, according to the patient as say rinoplastia barcelona

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