Procedure for Attestation of Certificate For UAE

For most of the formal proceedings in UAE, the properly attested documents are required. No matter whether you want to apply for a job or want to take admission in any of the educational institutions in UAE, you need attested documents.

Why is the attestation of documents necessary in UAE?

When you move to any other country, you need to attest your documents in order to prove the legality and genuineness of your attesting the documents, the people get to verify their credentials.

Process of attesting degrees and other certificates

The process of authentication is used in order to verify the documents through the concerned embassies. The process of degree attestation is known as UAE embassy attestation or legalization.

Certificate attestation before coming to UAE

First of all, you need to verify all the documents by the ministry of foreign affairs present in your country. Do not forget to take the required document along with its copy.

Secondly, take the document and its copy to the consulate or UAE embassy for the sake of verifying its genuineness

Thirdly, submit the documents or its copies to the concerned authorities when you go to UAE.

If you were not in your own country before going to UAE, you can either take the documents to the embassy of your own county and then to the ministry of foreign affairs and then to the embassy for final attestation OR send all the required documents to the home country for carrying out the original process of attestation.

Certificate attestation in UAE

For Education certificate attestation, the following is the process that needs to be fulfilled;

  1. Go to the notary public in UAE courts and verify the documents. For this purpose, you would need the minimum of 2 original documents along with all other supporting documents including passport or ID.
  2. Validate your documents by taking them to the ministry of foreign affairs. Pay the required fees which may vary from document to document.

Document attention is a very crucial step for proving the legality of all the document. That is why you must pay attention while taking the documents to the concerned authorities and departments. A little carelessness may delay the process of attestation.  Verifying your documents and your identity is mandatory or else you will not be able to authenticate yourself in a foreign country. So, make sure you validate your documents through proper means outside or inside UAE. This will confirm your identity and your documents.

You can also take the attestation services in UAE by HHS lawyers for ensuring that your processes for attestation are carried out in an appropriate manner. The process of attestation is different for different documents. That is why it is important for people to understand the proper rules of attesting a particular document. The attestation service providers are very well at dealing with such matters because they are knowledgeable of all the attestation regulations. So, take their help and avoid any inaccuracy.

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