Profile of SEO professionals

Currently, companies innovate every day when using online business models. The internet has opened its way in every aspect of the lives of all citizens, which is why the workplace has also grown in this sector. Digital marketing has become a necessary department in those companies that want to grow and propose more ambitious goals. Within this discipline, there are several worlds, and one of the most noteworthy is the organic positioning, SEO or search engine optimization, and SEO professionals are, day by day, the most sought after as say agencia seo barcelona
SEO professionals are in charge of coordinating the presence of a certain web page within search engine results, trying to appear in the top positions.
First of all, we must recognize that SEO work encompasses sociology, digital marketing and technical part of the internet. SEO professionals must understand the way in which users make different searches, these professionals, also called SEO Manager, must make improvements to the site, and relate it to authoritarian external sites, to increase organic traffic. Organic traffic refers to the number of visits that a certain web receives through search engine results.
SEO professionals: work and qualities
The SEO Manager has a couple of options when looking for a job offer:
1. Offer your work in an agency, for multiple clients.
2. Work in-house, in the marketing area of ​​a company.
This professional should be characterized by being curious and pro active, taking into account constant updates in the search engines. Although the profile includes specific qualities, the SEO Manager can be an IT engineer, marketing, business, social media, telecommunications … there is no, at least for the time being, a university degree that offers a title of SEO Manager, However, these professionals must have knowledge about the search engines, the internet, SEO work tools, a set of information necessary to ensure that their customers have a margin of success.
Among the features or abilities that the SEO Manager must reflect, we have:
1. Creator of content.
2. Consider the user’s experience.
3. Make decisions that relate to the digital strategy.
Although you can find a lot of information about SEO, when implementing a positioning strategy, you must have some previous experience to achieve success, professionals can be the key.

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