Pros And Cons Of Invisalign

Invisalign has given confidence to many people who were reluctant to wear braces. The time has changed now. Patients are shifting from metal braces to Invisalign. Teenagers are more attracted towards it as they don’t want to compromise on their looks. Yet they want to go through the treatment. These are also called clear aligners.

Some Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners: PROS:

  • Remove Whenever You Want:

Gone are the days when it was considered impossible to get rid of the braces unless the treatment is complete. Now with the advancement in this field, new options are available. Clear aligners can be removed easily. You can eat and drink and clean them properly too.

  • Invisible:

This is the most attractive feature. People who wear metal braces feel embarrassed. Growing up kids go through these emotional problems more than the elders as they go to school or colleges and they don’t want to be noticed for this particular reason that they are wearing braces. Clear aligners have fixed this problem. People are no more hesitant in using braces as they are invisible. So, wear invisible braces, go anywhere and do whatever you want to do.

  • Comfortable:

Braces can hurt you no more. Clear aligners are so comfortable and smooth that they do not hurt the inner lining of the mouth. Its smooth surface allows easy movement. You can talk, eat and drink without any discomfort.

  • Safe To Use:

They have no harmful toxins. They do not hurt you. So, the chances of having any kind of infections are less too. Metal braces used to irritate and hurt. They also used to damage the lining of the mouth that may cause wound and infection may spread.


  • Troublesome:

You need to remove them before eating anything. You are not at home all the time. Those who are in school or college, it is a matter of great concern. You can’t eat anything without removing them. So it simply means eating in public would be difficult. You have to clean your teeth every time after eating. Though taking care of hygiene is a good thing. We all should clean our teeth after meals. But cleaning even after snacks seems a bit difficult.

  • Costly:

It is said that these aligners do not destroy your beauty. They are comfortable and do not hurt. If something is unconventional, you can’t expect it to be cheap. They are rather expensive compared to other braces.

  • Attachments:

To fit the aligners perfectly on the teeth, attachments are used. They work like brackets. The drawback is they make the aligners visible. So the purpose behind wearing invisible aligners is not achieved well.

  • Needs To Wear 22 Hours A Day:

These aligners can be removed easily whenever you want. But, if you want to achieve a good result and that too at the time that was expected for the treatment, you need to wear them 22 hours a day. It means removing them frequently is not a good idea. So, if you going to a party and you are thinking of removing them for three to four hours. It means you are not following the schedule properly and you are not going to get the desired results.

Everything has some pros and cons. To get the desired results and long term benefits, one can tolerate a little discomfort for a short period.








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