Psychological Injuries After a Car Accident 

Auto accidents are often watershed moments in the lives of many who survive. Recalling the harrowing events during the process is a memory that many carry until the end, often causing periods of depression and guilt when friends and family may have died in the mishap. Long-term disabling injuries also serve as a continual reminder of what could have been had the accident not occurred and what victims must look forward to when dealing with the injuries for the remainder of their life. And this is not to mention those who are left paralyzed or incapacitated in any way. Car accidents are indeed harrowing experiences. And most people only consider the potential for financial recovery for physical injuries when the accident cases go to court, the truth is that mental anguish is a primary element of all auto accident cases when general damages for long-term impact are being evaluated for equitable compensation. An aggressive and experienced car accident lawyer always focuses on psychological injuries like auto accident lawyers when general damages are being negotiated, and the actual financial value of emotional injuries is a prime reason why no one should handle their own accident case even in a seemingly minor incident.

Range of Psychological Issues

There is a wide spectrum of psychological and emotional problems that can arise after a serious auto accident. Many people relive the accident on multiple occasions and experience nightmarish dreams for many years to come. Anxiety and depression are common fallout of crashes that leave victims not knowing quite how to cope with their emotional distress both while they go through physical rehabilitation and afterwards. Many physical accident injuries do not ever return to full capacity, and victims are regularly left disabled or needing personal medical assistance just to function close to normal. Physical inabilities can also take their mental toll as well, and the overall prognosis for the victim is always the focus for legal representatives who understand they only have one opportunity at proper financial compensation regarding long-term implications for the remainder of the life of their client.

Understanding Post Trauma Stress Disorder

There are multiple symptoms that can indicate a condition of post trauma stress disorder after an accident victim begins their recovery process. Some symptoms can start immediately after the accident, but they can also manifest much later as time goes on during negotiations with the respondent insurance provider. Recurring symptoms of PTSD can include: 

  • Accident flashbacks
  • Fear of driving or riding in a vehicle again
  • Concentration problems
  • Detachment
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety and uncontrolled outbursts
  • Feeling a loss of consortium
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts

Common Psychological Injury Claims

While each auto accident is unique in certain aspects, there are often many similarities when the plaintiff legal team presents the case in court in the event a settlement is not reached beforehand. Many times the primary negotiation problem centers on long-term general damages that include psychological injuries. The emotional aspects are very often the same with all cases, but they are the result of different issues and inability to cope with specific details when recalling the crash. Everyone is different. Your personal injury lawyer from West Coast Trial Lawyers will
understand how to craft a case for maximum financial damages pinpointing: 

  • Mental anguish
  • Anxiety
  • Major depression
  • Manic depression
  • Post trauma stress disorder
  • Grief and bereavement
  • General emotional distress

How Psychological Injury is Proven

Just as in an injury claim regarding a physical injury by accident lawyer such as a broken bone that requires treatment from a physician, psychological injuries are proven by an auto injury lawyer by assembling medical bills along with diagnosis and prognosis reports from the psychologist who is evaluating the injury case. In addition, testimonial evidence is provided by the claimant as well when their psychological problems are not the result of a brain injury that impedes the ability to understand the process. Psychologists are considered expert witnesses in the same manner as physicians, and their testimony can be used as a primary basis for a favorable ruling when mental anguish compensation is being sought in court. Neurological testing can also be performed, and the results can then be used when building the case with respect to this particular element of the claim.

How Post Trauma Stress Disorder Enhances a Claim

The mental anguish remaining after the fact of an accident injury is actually the claim element that makes the victim financially whole when the case is evaluated for a trial or settled before proceeding to a court decision. The value of the PTSD problem and the lifelong battle that will ensue is difficult in equitable financial determination. There are differing methods of arriving at this figure, and having an auto injury attorney who has been through the process is a real advantage when deciding whether to go to court or accept a fair offer for psychological injuries. Victims often need psychological counseling throughout their life, and the extenuating factors from a relatively minor accident can still present ongoing problems. This means that it is vital to meet all medical appointments associated with coping with life after the accident just as it is with physical injury treatment and rehabilitation therapy appointments during the negotiation period.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

Never think that your physical injuries are the only element of an accident injury claim that provide standing for financial compensation. Psychological injury is equally as important, and maybe even more so because victims often deal with the results of an accident for the remainder of their life. And you only have one opportunity to collect from negligent parties, and it is essential to make that opportunity count. The personal injury lawyer you choose can make a major difference. In Los Angeles, that difference maker is West Coast Trial Lawyers who have been ranked as the leading auto injury attorney firm in the Orange County area.


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