search engine optimization (SEO).

In online marketing few strategies evolve as quickly as search engine optimization (SEO). Marked by a history of updating algorithms, new technologies and new techniques to gain positions at the top of search engine results pages (SERP), few companies are no longer concerned about taking care of this powerful positioning tool on the Internet.

Although algorithm updates were few and far between, 2017 was still an exciting year for SEO. Now the Forbes portal anticipates the changes that will take place in search engine optimization next year.

hese are the 4 SEO trends that will predominate 2018 and that you should incorporate into your digital strategy if you want to keep your business or brand updated.

Among the SEO forecasts for next year is an increase in the search for videos and images. In recent years, Internet speeds, increasingly media-friendly platforms and the general public’s desire to interact with more images and videos have led to an increased demand for visual content. As a result, experts predict a possible shift in search engines’ treatment of images and videos that points to an improvement in the sophistication of visual asset searches. SEO Power Blog

Knowledge Graph will dominate the results. Google wants to go beyond the mere chaining of letters that make up keywords and return more human searches. In line with this, last month, the highlighted fragments reduced their frequency compared to the answers obtained thanks to this process known as Knowledge Graph. Therefore, experts believe that next year part of the SEO trends could point to this new technology that seeks to provide users even better and more consistent responses.
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Voice searches will be encouraged over the next year. Sales of smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, increased in 2017, and are likely to grow even more in 2018 as newer models begin to be implemented. That’s why it’s logical to think that as users become accustomed to interacting with search engines through speech, these kinds of searches will impose themselves over the course of the year.
Google has been driving the development of more personalized search results for a decade, based on individual search histories or browser cookies. Information used to provide better, more personalized SERP. With increasing technological sophistication, this customization is likely to increase even further in 2018 and change the way we understand SEO so far.
Although Google has not published any official news about when or if it plans to release further updates to its automatic learning, it is expected that by the end of 2018, we will see a greater influence of machine learning on typical search results. Thus, updates of current algorithms will fade completely in favor of an automated, continuous and interactive update process carried out by machine learning.

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The SEO will expand in the next year beyond Google and Bing. In recent years I have seen a growing trend of companies competing for the ranking of spaces outside of Google. This still dominates the sphere of search engines, but third parties like Yelp and Amazon, as well as digital assistants like Siri have intervened to become relevant search engines in their own right. If you want a higher percentage of users and present yourself to a wider audience, in 2018 you must start thinking beyond Google’s range of influence.
By 2018 one of the SEO trends could be to develop the process of segmentation of customers based on physical proximity. With an increasing use of mobile it is logical to think that hyperlocal results will finally take off and that companies currently involved in local SEO should do more to target keywords of this type and further optimize locally relevant apparitions.
Although these SEO trends for next year do not involve major changes in the conception of organic positioning in search engines, taking them into account can help our business stay current.

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