SEO and Video Marketing: 8 secrets you should know

Search for the best keywords
Search and select the keywords that have to do with the concept of the video. These are the words with which your target audience will search in Google and YouTube for the content that you will show in your video.

Use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool as recommend agencia seo barcelona

Then analyze the competition. Go to YouTube and see if there are many videos related to the selected keywords, if so, find others.
Upload the video to YouTube
To achieve a good positioning in Google do not bother to upload your videos on platforms other than YouTube. Remember that YouTube is from Google.
Upload your videos to platforms like Vimeo can be interesting for other reasons, but not for positioning.
Include the keywords in the Title
The Title of the video is the most important place where you must include the keywords you selected because it has many visits and little competition.
Include those keywords as soon as possible in the title.
Include the keywords in the Description and in the Tags
When you upload the video to YouTube, the platform asks you to write in addition to the text, the description and then the labels. It also includes the keywords here.

The description should have an approximate length between 200 to 600 words. It is not about repeatedly including the keywords in the description, but rather that they flow naturally, trying to make them appear, if possible, more than once.

As for the labels, includes the keywords and two or three variants, do not overdo it.
It provokes the Visits and the “Like”
The more views you get and the more users click on “I like” the better. These are points for greater positioning on Google and YouTube.

In the video below we show ways to get visits and “like”.

Causes the Comments
It is another of the important variables to achieve a good positioning. Causes comments. An interesting novelty of the videos that you upload to YouTube is the incorporation of comments about your videos from Google+. So here is our recommendation: upload your videos to Google+ as well and try to provoke comments, they will also appear on YouTube.
Upload Subtitles or Transcript
YouTube already identifies the voice of the videos and takes it into account for the positioning. If the video has speech, it must also contain the keywords. If, for example, you get stuck with a video only with music that includes visible texts but without speech, insert the transcript or subtitles to YouTube.
Get a good Retention
The average time users spend watching your video is also important for SEO. The greater the number of people who stay longer, the better.

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