SEO Guide For Hotels

Every day an average of three thousand million searches are made on the web, so being present in the Internet search is essential to gain advantage over the competition; In this SEO Guide for hotels we will also see the importance of optimizing your website, its content, its presence and relevance online.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a standard marketing practice in all industries as a way to attract qualified potential customers and convert them into customers. In the hotel industry we look for online travelers to convert them into guests.

A good SEO of the website of a hotel guarantees access to thousands of potential buyers.

Basic statistics about search engines as say consultor seo:

– That’s where 85% of travel purchases start.
– It is the preferred channel for business and leisure travelers.
– 90% of travelers start their search on Google, a travel website or an OTA.

Travelers access search engines first, rather than websites or apps of a brand.

The way in which consumers search has also changed, and it is important to understand the changes to be implemented in the SEO strategy for the Hotel’s website. Some statistics from, a leading company in inbound marketing software, show us:

– More than 75% of all clicks in the search results are organic versus paid links.
– The creation of content is becoming the predominant SEO and Social Networks strategy, since it gives the best qualitative results.
– The most popular forms of content marketing are blog entries, social networks, articles, guides and press releases.
– The Google Search Algorithm changes between 500 and 600 times per year.
– The continuous research of search engines is increasingly important to maintain SEO.
– The correlation between what is shared on social networks and incoming links, is proof that social media of the brand is becoming a dominant strategy to maintain SEO.

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