SEO strategy and content strategy

When undertaking an online project, we must consider a clear and effective SEO strategy, which will successfully position ourselves on the first page of results of the different search engines, especially Google.
If something we should be clear about Google is that, this popular search engine, loves quality content. Therefore, in order for our pages or our website to be competent before the eyes of the search engine, it is necessary that we are feeding it daily with pleasant content for users. Within the SEO strategy should give a real importance to the content strategy.
Although the SEO strategy covers various methods or practices that aim to optimize our website, increasing its relevance and authority, we can not ignore that the basis of everything is the user experience and, among other factors such as loading time, quality of images … the content is what will mainly determine if a person continues browsing, or not, on our website.
Google, in its SEO guidelines, emphasizes the creation of a website with information, whose pages are written in a clear manner, describing the content accurately. On the other hand, it is necessary to think about the different words that users could use to locate the pages, these words (keywords) must be found within the website.
SEO strategy: tips for creating content
To create an effective content strategy, you can follow the following tips:
1. Selectivity in phrases: the choice of keywords is essential, we will use a tool to tell us which are the most sought after by users. Although some phrases may seem attractive because they receive an exorbitant amount of research, we must be careful. It is necessary to choose those that describe our content well like say consultor seo
2. Distribution of Keyword: it is necessary that the architecture of the website is adapted to the lexicon of the potential clients, that is, to the search pattern. A good Keyword structure tells searchers the hierarchy between the contents, because we can not show that the different keywords distributed throughout the site have the same importance.
3. Content strategy – tips: many websites use the tips to position themselves in the search engines, since these are very sought after by users. It is not necessary that the website, as a whole, is dedicated to providing tips. It is enough to mount a blog advising on the use of some product or service.

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