SEO tips for online stores

Do you have an online store and do not receive enough visits? Do you have many products, but these do not appear well positioned in the search engines? Do you want to increase your sales using SEO strategies and do not know how? These are my SEO tips for online stores:

Create descriptions of long and original products
As you already know, on the Internet content is king, and of course, it is also for online stores. To get as many visits as possible, it is essential to have the good positioning of all your products, or at least the most important ones, since each well positioned product will attract independent visits that will be added to the total. To achieve this, you must start by having each product have a long, optimized and above all, 100% original description.
I see that many online stores directly use the descriptions given by wholesalers or suppliers, making a quick dump of photos, texts and technical features, and leaving the products as they are. Undoubtedly the time saving is considerable, and it is not a bad option to start, but having duplicate content will not help us at all, so little by little the descriptions should be changed by completely original texts.

We can not have in our online store the same content as the vast majority of the competition, nor the one that the manufacturer shows on your page, since it will be practically impossible to convince Google that our store is more important than all the others, because What our products will not appear in the top positions and we will not receive visits. In addition, Google penalizes duplicate content, so we would still sink a little bit more into the search results.

Therefore, you have to touch up the contents. The descriptions of the products should be as long as possible, of more than 200 or 300 words, if possible. They should also include the keywords or the name of the product that we want to position prominently. At SEO level, we should treat them as if they were articles from a blog. You can add the technical data sheet of the product, explain how to use it or how to assemble it, or even give examples of its different modes of use. Use the imagination.

Add the option to insert comments or ratings by customers. They will add original content to your products and will give your pages a high degree of update that will help you in the positioning, since the pages that are updated are often rewarded by the search engines
. Use internal links logically
One of the ways that our pages gain notoriety and relevance in the search engines, is that several links point to them. But I do not speak only of external links, internal ones, of course, also count.

We must design a link strategy so that the most important products, categories or subcategories receive sufficient links. We can for example:

In each product file, add links to other similar products, or others that complement them, creating a circuit through which you can “jump” from one product to another continuously.
Write articles on the main page or on the blog with links to products or categories.
Distribute press releases with links to inside pages.
We must ensure that there are no broken links, and in case of variations in the products or in the store, verify and keep the links always up-to-date.
3. Create a blog that accompanies the online store as recommend agencia seo barcelona
In some cases, due to the type of product that is intended to be sold, it is practically impossible to make long descriptions or to provide valuable content to our online store. In these cases, it is essential to create a blog to attract some traffic to the store.

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