SEO vs. PPC – What marketers neglect to tell you

Many people often ask which one is better between SEO and PPC. There is no elaborate answer to this question because the strategy you choose to employ wholly depends on your business, target audience, and goals. 

However, in most cases, they work best when integrated. The main difference between the two is that SEO involves getting organic website traffic by optimizing the site, whereas, with PPC, the ads appear on top of the organic listings. One pays for each click; hence the name, pay per click. Below are for pros and cons of each to help you understand the differences better.

SEO Pros

  1. A continuous flow of free and targeted traffic – through SEO activities such as link building and content generation.
  2. Brand Integrity – By having top rankings in Google, people automatically perceive you to be the authority in that sector and thus more credible.
  3. Business Growth – The internet exposes your business to potential customers from all over the world. Therefore, it is best for your business to appear on the first page where they can easily find you.
  4. Higher chances of converting – SEO marketing has a better chance of getting you leads that convert to sales as compared to other forms of advertising such as print media or email marketing.

SEO Cons

  1. It takes time to show results – Patience is needed for SEO to bear any fruits in terms of revenue. You first need a website, then optimize that website for search engines, and this could take days or even weeks. It is not suitable for those looking for immediate results.
  2. No guarantee of results – SEO doesn’t assure you of ranking on the first page of search results through the keywords you choose.
  3. You don’t have complete control – SEO’s success is solely dependent on the search engine’s algorithms of which is beyond the digital marketer’s control. How much traffic you get is not up to you.

PPC Pros

  1. Immediate exposure – Unlike SEO, results from pay per click take less than 48 hours to show.
  2. Remarketing – With PPC, you can reach the people who have visited your website before. Studies have shown that potential clients do not make a purchase the first time they visit a site. Through remarketing, they will see your ads continuously and end up converting.
  3. Affordability – Many people think it is an expensive form of marketing. On the contrary, PPC allows you to set your budget, and you only pay if someone clicks on it.

PPC Cons

  1. Possibility of complication – Just as most forms of digital marketing, including SEO, they are not simple to carry out. There are many variables to consider, and you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.
  2. Involves money – For startups or businesses that have a low marketing budget, PPC is not a suitable option. SEO is more practical for such scenarios.
  3. Not sustainable – PPC ads vanish when the funds run out, so does the conversion and sales for businesses which heavily rely on it. For those with large advertising budgets, this is not a problem. However, for those struggling, it is an issue.

In conclusion, both PPC and SEO strategies are effective forms of digital marketing. However, you must look at your business’ situation to determine which is best for it.

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