Set Short-Term Goals: A Path to Success

Plan Goal

Have examined goals.

You might say, “I want to be a successful person.”

Well, who doesn’t?

But do you have some weekly personal goals?

 If you wish to accomplish anything in life, you must know where you want to go.

Short-Term Goals Meet the Criteria

  • Don’t be negative.
  • All goals( weekly goals, monthly goals, or yearly goals, or maybe long-term goals) must be measurable.
  • Be realistic.
  • Pair goals with actions.
  • Your goals must be reachable according to your time frame.

The Blissfull Mind

 I set myself three small and attainable goals to accomplish throughout the week instead of setting New Years Resolutions or monthly goals.

Because whoever sticks to those anyway?

 I never intended to make it a weekly goal, but it just evolved into something that I have stuck to and shared on the blog each.

 Intrinsic Motivation

Have you listened to this word?

If yes, then it’s okay.

If no, then we are here for you always.

Intrinsic motivation is most important when it comes to our personal goals. It is what matters and will carry you through when you experience a setback and hit a roadblock. 

It can be set goals based on external motivators like fame, prestige, and money.

Well, okay!

Since the first day of school, you programmed to view Monday as a fresh start. It makes the perfect day to set goals because that’s when you have the most clarity and optimism. week, and everyone seems to enjoy reading about them!

I am all about self-development and setting small goals to achieve larger ones.

I realized that I have moved setting myself goals that fall into one of three categories: mind goals, body goals, and soul goals. 

Look, I rhymed!

Existential Anxiety Questions

There are different types of Existential Anxiety include:

Crisis of Mortality and Death

Existential anxiety can also strike after turning a certain age. For example, leading you to question the foundation of your life, your 25th birthday may force you to the reality of your life being half over.

You might reflect on the meaning of death and life and ask questions like, “What happens after your death”? Fear of what may follow death can activate a crisis. This type of emergency can also occur after being diagnosed with a severe illness or when death is imminent.

Crisis of Meaning and meaninglessness


Having meaning and purpose in life can provide hope. But after reflecting on your life, you may feel that you didn’t accomplish anything significant or make a difference. It can lead people to question their very existence.


Crisis of and responsibility freedom 


You have the freedom to make your own choices, which can change your life for the better or worse. Most people prefer this freedom, as opposed to having someone make decisions for them.


For some, this freedom is too overwhelming, and it actions existential anxiety, which is all-encompassing anxiety about the meaning of life and choices.


“What’s the point of all this? What is the meaning of your life? Who cares we all are going to die anyway!” 


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