Shirazian Kalam Polo Persian Foods

Fars province has a pure civilization and extraordinary ancient artifacts. The capital of this province is the city of Shiraz. The city has traditional, indigenous and hearty cuisine tailored   to the culture, customs and lifestyle of this.

Mashhad Shell

Khorasan Razavi province is one of the most important religious provinces of Iran due to the presence of the eighth Shiite shrine. The province is rich in culture and rich in antiquity and can be found in all areas including cuisine of the province.

Shole Zard – Persian Foods

One of the most famous and popular Iranian desserts that is cooked on many occasions is yellow shells. This dessert, which has both a very attractive form and a very delectable taste, is celebrated in most religious festivals during the holy month of Ramadan … The desert region of Kerman province, along with all its cultural attractions, has many popular local and traditional foods. In Kerman, there is a local food called Buzqarmah that people in this province, in all parts of the …


The traditional food of a particular region sometimes includes in its name the origin, origin, or origin of the food, and is sometimes so favored by the public that it is regarded as the food of the region. “Akbar Joj …

Ash Doogh

Ardebil province is one of the coldest areas of Iran. The province has traditional and local cuisine adapted to the particular climate of the region. There are a variety of watermelons and foods in this province. Hurry

Gheimeh Persian Foods

Kheimah is one of the authentic Iranian stews, which is widely regarded as an appropriate meal for religious rituals, especially the funeral home. It is also more common in Muharram, where most of the delegates distribute seed food …

Vegetable Groats

Gourmand is one of the authentic Iranian delicacies that have long been known throughout Iran and even the world. This dish can be used as both a family meal and a choice …

Barberry rice with chicken

Chicken barbecue is one of the popular Iranian dishes served at most gatherings and parties. This dish, which is easier and quicker to cook than other Majlis dishes, is almost a solid base for most family parties and …

About Persian Foods

Iranian food is one of the foods that most people in every part of the world tend to taste and taste once in a while, of course, not to mention that these delicious traditional foods are everywhere in Iran. It tastes its own taste and you can’t find a duplicate taste in it. You must have heard the saying that Iranians are good people. Each of our nation’s relatives have their own delicacies for their region and spend many hours cooking and cooking these dishes. In addition to local dishes, there are many delicious dishes served throughout Iran, especially at parties. Legend has it that Iranian food and food began in the reign of Zahak. Prior to that, demons were familiar with the art and cooked a variety of delicious soups and drinks. Among the writings in Pahlavi language, in the fascinating treatise Khosrow Qavatan and Ritek (Khosrow and Ridg), tips on the stews and foods and how they are used in the Sassanid period are credited in setting the history of cooking in Iran. The names of many Persian prawns and idiotic expressions that have become popular are found in Arabic language books. There are a number of cookbooks in the Arabic language that are not related to the Iranian cooks, but what are the similarities between the two terms? This was probably due to the fact that many Iranians were involved in the bureaucratic and administrative apparatus of the Abbasids and naturally influenced their customs and habits in Arab life, including the Iranian cooking method during the Abbasid period. Reference:


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