Short Beard Styles to Try This Year 

Not every beard style will look good on you. People choose beard styles according to the shape of their faces. Different styles should bring out certain facial features, so it is good to know your face’s structure. 

The way you shape your beard also contributes a lot to your personality. Most guys like a short, trimmed beard, but there is more to that. This guide takes you through various beard styles you can wear and a brief definition of each.

Styles to Trim Your Beard

  • The Short Whiskers

This is a typical beard style. Ask your barber to reduce your beard to the length you are comfortable with and don’t forget to let them clean-trim the neckline. It gives the man a simple, classic, and flattering look. To maintain the short beard, you can trim it in your bathroom. Wait for three to five days to trim your beard again, depending on the growth rate of your hair.  

  • The Goatee

Most people prefer a goatee beard style because it gives the face a better look. When you go to your barber, ask him to trim your beard into a goatee, tell them to concentrate on the width. Don’t let it be too wide or too narrow. To maintain a goatee, ensure you give your beard a trim after some days and clean shave the area around the beard. This is to make it more noticeable.

  • Full Boxed Beard

This is a short full-beard. You need to have thick hair and a full beard to get this style. The length depends on your preference. Keeping it shorter on the sides will look good on you. Comb it at least six times a day to ensure blood circulates freely to stimulate hair growth. This will maintain the shape of the beard.

  • Medium-Length Goatee

Ask your barber to clean-shave your cheeks without touching the beard towards the jawline. Leave the chin area untouched, maintaining the length that you want. To keep the shape, do not trim regularly. Your beard will look great when it grows. Keep the cheeks and the mustache clean to give a better shape of your face.

  • Beard-Stache

Leave your mustache to grow to your desired length. According to MensHaircuts,to get the best shape of these beard styles, ask your barber to fade your cheeks or neck. They can also use either grade one, two, or three on the other parts to leave your beard-stache more visible. To maintain it, trim the stubble and leave the mustache. Apply a beard balm and comb it to keep it in shape. 

  • The Balbo

This style fits guys with a prominent mustache and goatee. These two are, however, not connected. Ask your barber to trim your beards using its natural line. Maintain a more extended goatee and keep the moustache a good size. You can ask for a small trim every time you go for hairdressing to maintain your look. 

Beard Products

  • Beard Wash

Just like you wash the hair on your head, the one on the face also needs to be shampooed. Keeping the beard clean leaves the underneath skin clean too.

  • Beard Conditioner

Choose a conditioner with natural ingredients like Manuka honey. If you have dry and sensitive skin, it will leave your beard looking soft.

  • Beard Oil

Bring out your beard’s shine by applying oil to it. Do not use too much of it. 

Beard Styles That Suit Different Types of the Face

For a beard style to look good on your face, it should be compatible with the face shape. Do you know how to match your face with a type of beard?

  • Square Face

People with square faces have sharper lines, and beard styles that are short on the cheeks and elongated on the chin would give a good look on them. 

  • Round Face

Keep your goatee at a good length and the sides short. This will bring out the shape of your face.

  • Oval Face

Goatee and Balbo suit people with oval faces well. However, these people are suited by many beards’ styles, as long as you keep them at a good length. 

  • Rectangle Face

If you are a goatee lover, this style will suit you well if your face has a rectangular shape. A balbo would also look good on you.


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