Six reasons why you should get tiled floors

Choosing what goes on the floor is one of the most challenging decisions to make when decorating or redecorating your home. Are you stuck in the decision to go for carpeting, wood, or tiles? Then let us make it easy for you by saying the tiles are the best option. 

There has been an immense growth in call for tiled floors. The main reason behind that surge is the adaptability and the durability tile offers. Also, when the homeowners install tiles, they’re getting rid of stains and allergens – which are some significant concerns for homeowners.  

Below is a comprehensive explanation of why we consider tiling as the best option

1. They’re durable 

Tiles are resilient to staining, and of waterfalls on the tiles, it won’t be much of a problem. They can only be damaged if a heavy object falls on them. By heavy, I mean a cupboard filled with clothes. If you’re looking for a long haul solution, then there is nothing more perfect then this. In case a tile does crack, then replacing that tile is much easier than replacing vinyl or carpet. 

2. Variety of Designs 

Tiles can also help you enhance your room interior. For instance, if you’re thinking of giving your room a vintage vibe, you can use terracotta floor tiles or vintage tiles. You can also customize the tile color and design. If you’re someone who is creative, then you will undoubtedly enjoy the customization that tiles offer. 

3. Low maintenance

Unlike carpets, you won’t have to vacuum tiled floors. One single mop (which hardly takes 5 minutes) and your floors will be shining. The only maintenance you have to do is applying a sealant every 4 or 5 years. 

4. Economical 

Getting tiles on the floor is a high one-time cost, but they require little to no maintenance after that. When compared with other options, tile will turn out to be the most cost-effective option. 

5. Eco friendly 

Tiles are made up of sand, glass, and clay mixed with recycled products. Also, the tiles affect your overall environment. They help make the house cold in summer and hot in winter. 

6. Resale value 

A real estate research determines that houses which have tiled floors or designed tiled in their homes. They were sold readily at a fair price. So if you’re thinking of reselling your house, your decision is pretty straightforward. 


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