Smart Business Strategies that You Must Follow

First of all, a good SEO agency should take hours to communicate with your client and draw the most important conclusions from your business, in order to know the starting point: what are your objectives, what products or services do you want to promote to a greater extent, what worries you most, what you do not want to change under any circumstances and an infinite list of issues, because, the client, is the first yes, but each one is unique and unrepeatable in what your SEO strategy is concerned.

Study of the current situation

Once you know the trajectory that the client has had and his point of view, a good SEO agency studies what is their current situation to mark a context in which to work. This includes: analysis of the competition, study of keywords, configuration and establishment of objectives in Google Analytics, status of the website and identification of areas for improvement, popularity analysis and verification of ownership in Google Webmaster Tool if it is not yet has been verified

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Periodic evaluation and internal communication

As we know, SEO is not a true science nor can the same strategy be applied to all customers. In addition, it is a progressive and continuously changing process. Therefore, a good SEO agency must evaluate from time to time what actions have been taken, what results have been obtained and what are the next steps. For all this to make sense, an agency must understand the SEO strategy, with its strategy of social networks and content, so it is important to agree on all these departments or responsible parties.

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Of course, the most important task of an SEO agency is … Do SEO! It is necessary to start from a context and work towards some objectives, but the most important thing is to do SEO. The organic positioning in Google is a slow process, so it requires constant work and optimization. Once the guidelines are marked, they must be complied with and taken to a table so as not to be left behind.

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The work should be done with common sense, a lot of attention and a lot of caution. In addition, a good web positioning agency must always be informed and aware of possible changes in the algorithm of Google (or other search engines), as well as new information, trends or tools.

Reports and analysis of results

As we said, a periodic evaluation of the “SEO situation” of the client is necessary, but in addition, it is necessary to evaluate the concrete results that have been obtained. A good SEO agency must do it at least once a month, not only to inform the client of its results, but also to be able to draw conclusions about the work done and move towards one way or another. For this it is necessary to establish KPIS (or indicators) based on the objectives set.

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