Software Tools for Data Science Majors

Starting school is an exciting journey, but just like any adventure you go on, you need to be sure that you have all the best tools before embarking. This is going to look different for every different major. Art students are going to need paints and drawing pads. Biology majors will be bringing along their lab equipment and hefty textbooks. But what about individuals pursuing a degree in data science? Since your industry exists primarily online, you’ll need some great software tools to help launch you to success.

Data science has grown astronomically from a few decades ago. As processing power becomes more rigorous and you can track more and more information, regular business intelligence has been molded to the new needs of the market. Going through your education to become a data scientist will mean mastering a number of different software tools. Luckily, TIBCO Spotfire is offering free licensing for data science majors across the country. Take advantage of this offer to gain familiarity with all the systems you’ll eventually encounter in your professional life. Here are just a few of the software tools you should take advantage of as a data science major.

TIBCO’s Spotfire
With so many systems out there, it can be beneficial to have one central platform that helps support all of them. TIBCO Spotfire for students offers insights into all different kinds of advanced analytics software. The best part is that this TIBCO software is free to use in the classroom. Educators and students alike can practice using test data and make new discoveries with TIBCO programs to better prepare you for a future career in the industry. All you need is an education email address to sign up and get your own TIBCO cloud login. This single license request can open the door for you to learn about so many other software programs, such as the ones listed below.

Master Data Management
Within big businesses, there is a lot of big data. Companies need a way to process that data into understandable terms and patterns. This is where Master Data Management (MDM) comes in. MDM is a general software solution that you will work within the classroom. These overall systems help streamline and integrate all the information that comes in, so you can make strategic decisions for a company’s future. No matter what industry you work in, MDM will be a vital part of your analytics systems.

Predictive Analytics
Understanding data is step one for big businesses. It also helps to be able to predict trends and the future of your company. For this reason, predictive analytics may be another area to explore throughout the school year. This software goes beyond traditional business intelligence and works to actually predict the future with forecasting plans and data metrics. Making these discoveries allows company leaders to make smarter decisions for their business. This is the technology of the future, which is why it’s beneficial to learn all you can about it inside the classroom.

Data Visualization
As a future data scientist, you may feel comfortable around numbers and equations. However, other people may not understand that stuff as easily. Data visualization tools help you translate confusing numbers and systems into easy-to-read graphs, charts, and interactive grids. This is essential to bridge the gap between data and business. Help people understand those data sets and important figures by mastering the skill of data visualization in the classroom first.

Application Integration
It’s clear that there are several different applications and systems within Spotfire that you’ll want to master throughout your education. The next step will be mastering application integration technology. This helps all your data sets and systems communicate with one another. Streamlining systems within a business leads to increased productivity overall. Understanding this element will show you’re ready to work with any and all systems.

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