Still not automating online reputation management?

There is a Japanese proverb that says, “The reputation of a thousand years, might be determined by the conduct of an hour.”  True story, and trust me, if at all you are made to choose between great riches and great reputation, choose the later. I assure you, riches will someday follow. Let’s all collectively admit it, being known is a lot less important than the things you are known for.

The importance of reputation in business is immense. It determines your present and plans your future. In the age of digitalization, online reputation is a thing – and it’s such an important thing that most of your buyers are making the final purchase based on the online stars. Well, how many of you are not aware of Swiggy’s online customer service, who time and again drops some of the wittiest replies, making news the next day!

Automate online reputation Management

Gone are the days when people reached out to each other for a recommendation on a product, PHYSICALLY. For instance, if someone wanted a television in the past, he would do a quick survey with his close ones and tap their experience with various brands. That time has gone, but the idea still remains the same, just that it works DIGITALLY now. Now, people go online and read reviews of the buyers who have already made the purchase. They look for websites that offer honest reviews, and trust me, it influences their decision manifolds.

So, what should you do about it? Respond to each and every review, on every platform possible. If you think you can achieve it manually, it would cost you a mountain. Thus, save yourself the extra effort and resources and automate your online reputation management system.

Use automated tools like Stillio

A lot of times, in the entire pool of reviews, you tend to miss some reviews. Positive or negative, if reviews go unnoticed, it does not leave a good impression. It reflects that you don’t really bother about your consumers. Automated website screenshots tools like Stillio can serve you a hand in this. Tools like these operate without any human supervision. It will take automated screenshots of your website, at regular intervals not missing anything. You just need to enter your profile pages into the dashboard and prepare yourself a cup of coffee and relax while Stillio does the rest.

Use the do-it-yourself tool

when we are talking about tools, we certainly can’t miss out on this one. Your reviews are not going to be positive, encouraging and happy, at all times. Face it, but you will also get negative, harsh, demotivating comments, and reviews that you would never want. None of us live in wonderland, so let’s breathe some real air.

So now, the question is, how will you plan ahead. A big question, right? Let the do-it-yourself tool guide you. Under such circumstances, it is the perfect tool, it will guide with the difficult procedure on how to reply and respond to such negativity, and moreover, keep the conversation going.

Monitor using Awario

In the era of social media, our brands have names across different platforms to reach out to people. It is practically not possible for us to monitor each platform separately to keep a tap on our website. This is where Awario comes into the picture. It is a social media listening tool, which would make the reputation management process easier for you. It tracks the brand’s mentions in real-time and keeps you aware. Not just that, it takes care of copyright infringements and bars people from stealing your content. But wait we saved the best for the last? It can also do a competitor analysis for you. You can create monitoring alerts for your competitors, and even compare mentions of your brands. This way, you can see where you are lagging behind, or winning, for a matter of fact.

In business, there are a lot of bullets to aim from just one gun, and I know that’s a pretty tedious task. Considering the tight time scheduling, it can get extremely overwhelming to check reviews, reply to all of them, d a follow-up, so it’s always wise to either automate your online reputation building efforts or centralize it. You can also consider outsourcing to help you gain an extra edge over your competitors with literally zero efforts!


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