Students and Teachers Get happy With These Top 8 Tools for Creating Videos

Visuals always play an important role when it comes to education. Rather than reading the text, we tend to remember things much more that happen in front of our eyes. The same applies to education. That is why the modern education sector has transformed itself a lot and included more interactive videos, which will be beneficial for both students and teachers. 

With that in mind, here is a list of 8 video creation tools like this one here that are easy to use and effective too. 

1. iMovie

It is the best video creation app that you can use on the iPad, iPhone, and also Mac computers. This free app works as an online video editor and provides users with great results. Be it a small video slideshow or a full-length film, you can make anything with this app. It comes with different templates to choose from. All you need is to add your pictures, titles, your selected video, and music. 

Slowing down or speeding up the footage and adding your voice-over narration is easier. It has many effects like green screen and picture-in-picture. Don’t you have any selected audio to add? No problem, as iMovie lets you choose from more than 80 music tracks from its database. Switching between iPad and Mac to finish your project is smooth if you have both.

It is not suitable for windows, and embedding a video directly is not possible. 

2. Ezvid

If you want to capture everything that you show or see on your desktop, then this totally free tool will come to your help. Editing your recorded videos, including text or pictures, maintaining the speed, and doing any art on the screen is possible with this video creation app. Besides that, it lets you play video games with its gaming mode and protects gamers from facing black screen issues. Last but not least, this app saves the video to help you edit it later or share it on social media. 

3. WeVideo

All the people related to the edtech world cannot deny the popularity and usefulness of this outro maker for your assignment/project video. It is an easy tool that you can use on your windows for creating superb videos. Recording both the webcam and the screen is possible with it. It comes with many modern features like slow motion, greenscreen as well as picture in picture. Downloading the video, embedding, and sharing it are trouble-free. All the in-built music, titles, and graphics come free of cost. Its video tutorials and lots of supports are handy, especially for beginners. The only disadvantage is its high cost though it has a free plan as well. 

4. Flixtime

If making customized and excellent quality videos using text and pictures is your dream, then let it come true by opting for Flixtime. Making, sharing, and downloading a video of one minute is absolutely free in this tool. You can use different sound effects, prize-winning audio tracks, and also stored music with its AudioMicro. Each and every video that will make using this app is suitable to use for commercial and personal purposes. 

5. Quick

This app is easily available on the Smartphone and tablet, and for using it on the desktop, downloading the software is necessary. Whether you want to make a short video for professional use or personal, Quick by GoPro is excellent. Selecting about 200 pictures and videos at a time is possible with this free app. Apart from that, more than 100 free music, along with over 26 inbuilt themes, make it popular among its users. Once the video is made, you can text it or share it without any hassle. 

6. CamStudio

It is one of the software that you can download on your system for recording audio as well as the screen. You can also come up with stunning videos having format outputs of AVI or SWF. There are many annotation features, such as including callouts, the addition of text. You can utilize its various cursor choices during recording the screen, like hidden, default, and highlight.

Using its lossless codec, you can generate utterly clear pictures and videos, even if the size is tiny. Converting the AVI files to Flash is easier. Frame rates, control compression, quality, and time-lapse features are also available. But the only disadvantage is you can’t edit videos with this app. 

7. Animoto

Do you want to make a video in the style of a slideshow? Is making a photo montage along with music your dream? Opt for Animoto without a doubt. Its quick and simple user interface has made it famous among both the students and teachers alike. If you have a standard account, you can use it for free. Creating a number of student accounts is also possible at a time. You can use this app both on your iOS and desktop, though the simple android version has become obsolete now. 

8. Hippo Video

The last in this list of video creation tools is Hippo Video. It is popular as an all-in-one app for creating videos in the education sector. From making the videos to editing, hosting, sharing, and tracking on social media – you can do everything with this app. 

Be it Google classroom, or Gmail, or Google slides or Google slides, you can easily integrate this app. No separate upgradation is needed. You simply need to register for Hippo Video to access all its features. For recording, you can either use the screen or webcam. Using the audio is also suitable. 

With its quick video editor, cut or trim or delete the video portion, which seems unnecessary. Pro edit features help you add countless videos and audios as well as introductions and ending lines. 

It comes with many other features like guest recording, real-time analytics, password security, and GIF creation. 

The Bottom Line

These are the 8 tools that help both students and teachers create and edit their videos for personal and professional purposes. If you are a novice in this field, you can try any of them and see how it suits your requirement. Besides them, you can also opt for InVideo, a free app that allows the users to make stunning videos during a short time. 

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