Teaching kids of 21st Century


Gone are the 90s kids who used to sit down still in a class for an hour or two, take lectures and learn from them. The children today have a digital device in their hands and energy that always keeps them off the seats. 

Hence today’s teachers have also changed their strategy, where there used to be a whiteboard or blackboard there are now Interactive displays for education which help teachers make the students not only learn but also understand 

Here are a few tactics teachers have adapted 

Exercises in which they answer



This tactic is the same as the old way of learning but with a bit of a twist. The teachers assign the students the task by conversation and they have to answer the questions through their tablet. A pretty nice way to replace the old read and write answer exercise.  A lot of apps have been developed for the teacher’s ease through which they can choose and sometimes even customize the classes. Unlike the other times when the books were set and the instruction was set in stone. 


Using Social Media spaces to interact 


Students as young as 12 use social media, they shouldn’t but they do but teachers can use this to their advantage. For instance, they can create Facebook groups and keep them private. Teachers or students can post things and interact in a friendly manner also debate but in harmony. 

In this age, this tactic has not only been successful but also helpful. Graduate students often use these when they feel like missing their school days. 


Using the smart Google Classrooms 


They are a great way for teachers to interact with both students and their parents at the same time. Also, they can post homework and classwork which allows the parents to know what is happening and ensure that homework is being instead of being lied about and skipped. Quite the tool isn’t it.

Doing the work from home 



While this tactic was also used by our teachers but it often failed because it wasn’t imposed as strictly and parents didn’t know about it. The tactic is that students learn or at least once read the lesson that is going to be taught in the next class. Digital content is fun and the young ones do it eagerly hence teachers are at an advantage. When the students reach the class they have an idea about it and the class can be interactive with students discussing and asking about things they didn’t understand.

In the 21st century, access to digital devices is not a want but more of a need. It has its disadvantages but they can be taken care of. Meanwhile, the advantages of these like interactive learning are amazing. 

Things are changing in the world so are the way things used to be done and this generation has to be ready to work in the times that are drastically different from what we have now. So with interactive leaning devices, let us prepare them for what they are up against. 

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