The 3 Most Important Boxing Protective Gear


Boxing used to be perceived as a sport reserved only for professionals and experts with years of training behind them. It is a sport that keeps you both physically and mentally fit, and instills self-control, discipline, and confidence. As such, boxing is no longer seen as just a competitive sport; today, there are millions of amateur boxers worldwide and even those who have incorporated its movements into their fitness routines. 

However, boxing is a contact sport that can lead to serious physical damage and many professional boxers have had to retire in their prime after sustaining injuries during a fight. Boxing protective gear may look bulky and restrictive but their importance should not be underestimated. 

Here are three of the most important protective gear that a boxer should wear while inside the ring. 

Hand Wraps

Many underestimates the importance of Hand Wraps, perceiving them to be simple and rather useless. But, in fact, Hand Wraps are one of the most important protective gears that a boxer can wear. 

Every boxer, whether they be a professional or just starting out, exerts a ton of pounding power whenever they punch. Hand Wraps are essential in providing protection to the blood vessels found in the knuckles, reducing the risk of inflammation and absorbing the shock that a punch distributes throughout the hand. In addition to supporting the boxer’s hands, Hand Wraps also reinforce the wrist and secure one’s joints. 


As the name suggests, a mouthguard is piece of synthetic material inserted into mouth to protect the teeth, tongue, and mandibles. It is one of the most useful boxing gears since it cushioned the power of a direct hit to the face. Wearing a mouthguard mitigates the risk of severe dental injuries, lacerations on the lips, puncturing the tongue, and even the loss of one’s teeth. 

Groin Guard

Hits below the belt may be prohibited in boxing but accidental contact is undoubtedly unavoidable. Being punched in the groin area is painful, both for men and women, which is why groin guards are standard protective apparel meant to be worn by every boxer. 

In addition to protecting the groin area, a groin guard also prevents vital organs located in the area from being damaged. Organs such as the kidneys and the liver are situated near the groin and can cause internal bleeding and other sorts of fatal damage when hit. The groin area is also very sensitive and fragile; the smallest of cuts and even glancing blows can cause severe injuries later on. 

While some may find a groin guard uncomfortable and restricting, they are undoubtedly an essential protective gear. 


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