The Chance for Reform in Education of Pakistan

Is there a chance for success of any educational reform in Pakistan?  The authors believe the opportunity at the present time in Pakistan is one that must be taken advantage of.

  1. The Pakistani public is looking for change.  Today’s generation of Pakistanis are more aware of what is happening in the world.  They are also aware of the disadvantages they are now facing in Pakistan. As the economy has become less secure, families are concerned for the future of their children.  This has become even more urgent as the population grows rapidly. These young people will be expecting and insisting that the education system be improved at all levels.

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2. The political system is beginning to change in line with new expectations.  The military have been in charge of the country for more than half of its short history, so democracy has never had a good chance to take hold properly.  The elected governments have not been strong, and mostly interested in their own personal gain.

There has been a gradual as the public gain more power, and believe they have a greater say in the governance of the country.  This public power played a part in the downfall of the most recent military regime, and in 2013 the government was voted out showing the lack of confidence of the population.  This has given the new government a clearer idea of what needs to be done.

The judiciary in Pakistan is more independent in these times and they will be watching the government.  Today citizens can take the government to court about the lack of education. This, along with the fact that public officials can now be held to account, may help the reforms.

3. The media in Pakistan is publicising many issues, one of which is education.  There are continuing campaigns pushing for the reform of the education system. As well as the judiciary, the media are holding public officials accountable.

There are other signs of change.  After the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, the focus on education for girls led to a much publicised campaign – in Pakistan as well as the entire world.

Despite the conditions for change being there, there are many other problems for Pakistan – the economy, energy and security.  Will the politicians who want to change things actually have the skills to do it? The social and economic development is impacted by the issues around education.

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