The Google tools that help us in SEO in 2019

Google has several useful tools for SEO. Some of these tools may seem simple but there are good reasons to use them. Today we present 5 Google tools that help us improve SEO in 2018.

1. Chrome Lighthouse
Lighthouse is a “basic” version of a site review tool. It currently provides information on ten metrics related to SEO. This tool can also be downloaded as an extension of Google Chrome that, although it has a more limited scope, provides us instantly with 10 metrics that are important for Google:

-Viewport Meta Tag
-HTTP status code
-Descriptive Text in the Links
-Status of the page for a correct crawling and indexing
-Hreflang validation
-Validation of rel = canonical
-Validation of font readability for mobile devices
-Checking if the document prevents plugins or browser add-ons for viewing
Why should you use the Lighthouse SEO Tool?
It’s easy to dismiss Chrome Lighthouse as a basic site review tool. Lighthouse is a basic site review tool. But, it is an important tool for reviewing the site because it represents Google’s opinion of ten metrics that we should at least look at. If Google considers that these metrics are important, we should at least consider them.
2. TestMySite
This site audit tool offers two metrics as recommend agencia seo
Estimated charging time in a 3G mobile network
Estimated loss of visitors due to a bad load time (and therefore excessively slow).
This is a good tool to get a quick snapshot of the speed of a website. It is a good starting point.

The tool can also send by email a complete report with suggestions to accelerate a specific web page but this requires a registration in the newsletter.
3. Page Speed Insights
This online tool provides a score and offers specific tips to speed up a web page. It tells you what scripts and style sheets are slowing down your site, what images are too big, and offers you many other tips to speed up your web pages.
4. Safe Browsing Test
The Safe Browsing Test tool checks for malware on a website. An interesting topic of this tool is that it also reveals the last date in which a site was tested by Google. I do not know what the criteria are for the frequency with which a site is evaluated but some sites are tested more frequently than others.

Presumably the last date of the test is based on some important metric. It may have something to do with how often a site is updated, which in turn can influence the frequency with which a site is tracked.
5. Google Trends
Google Trends provides information on the popularity of keywords and also segments information by time and geographically.

The time segment gives an idea of how seasonality affects certain keywords. It can also give us an idea of whether a keyword is losing popularity. If you notice a downward trend in a keyword, this could indicate that a product or trend is causing search engine users to lose interest in that search.

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