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Some good and some bad – the tech industry has been giving a mixture of both news. If you haven’t been able to keep up with the latest happenings in the tech world, then get ready for a couple of surprises. I am sure no one is unaware of the way that the Internet service providing companies are aiding the residents of the States. I did not have to worry for a single second regarding my Spectrum WiFi packages service discontinuing. Thanks to the ‘keep America connected’ petition. 

Here are some more updates for you, in case you missed out. 

Apple’s Revenue Suffered

The prominent company Apple suffered a great deal when it comes to the revenue that the company generated. Since the beginning of the year, the company has not been reporting good numbers. The pandemic decreased the demand for expensive phone sets among consumers. Apple’s manufacturing operations that span on a global level could not continue the way they usually do. 

If you look at the numbers, the company reported a revenue of $58.3 billion for the second quarter. It is up by less than 1% this year when compared to the same time the last year. The number is also low as compared to what Apple projected – a number between $63 and $67 billion. 

Amazon Reported Growth

Where one business suffered, the other flourished. As opposed to Apple. Amazon reported tremendous growth at the end of the first quarter this year. The trend helps to explain that many shoppers are opting for the online shopping method in this time of lockdown. However, the company is also dealing with some rather costly changes including warehouse safety and supply chain lockdown. 

Amazon CEO Promises Some Heavy Donations

With the success of the e-commerce business, the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos announced that he will dedicate all of the $4 billion that he earnt as a profit in the first quarter. He also promised to donate a chunk from this amount to the COVID-19 related expenses as well. These include the creation of Amazon’s COVID-19 test. This could cost somewhere around $1 billion. 

WeWork Laying Off Workers

Many knew that this was coming. But it will arrive this soon, no one was aware of that. While many companies around the globe started deducting a percentage from their employees’ salaries, some started laying off employees too. WeWork is one such company that did the latter. Employees are getting informed via Zoom call regarding their layoff news. One could only imagine a hard time that the unemployed would be going through. It is not easy to run a household without earning. Especially when you are not sure about your hiring any time soon either. 

The UK Publishes Blueprints

This is rather controversial news that the UK publishes blueprints for the COVID-19 immunity passports. These submissions highlight how to handle the documents along with any other facial recognition methods. The country says that it will use ID documents, QR codes, facial recognition, and test results to verify that an individual is safe before he/she enters the premises of a private building. This will help ensure that the others stay safe too. 

Microsoft and Netflix Gaming

Back in 2017, Microsoft made a bet on a new form of gaming service. This Xbox service that the company labeled as Game Pass offered over 100 games in one place. All subscribers had to do was pay $10 a month to get access to the library of games. Gamers got access to the newest Xbox games that Microsoft published at the same time as it got launched. 

This is more like Netflix but for games. And another difference is that you have to download games instead of streaming them. Good news for Microsoft during the lockdown as the service crosses over 10 million users. Critics label it as the best gaming deal that they have access to. 

Twitter’s Growth

The Coronavirus led to Twitter enjoy a whopping 24% increase in its growth. People be Tweeting a lot during the lockdown. This growth is in the number of users that the social media platform experienced during the first quarter of this year. However, an increase in users was the only growth that the company was able to achieve. But overall this social media giant experienced a loss. Uh-oh, not so good news. 

I am not sure how the telecom sector is dealing with the pandemic. For me, good news came in the form of not getting charged for the overdue amount for my Spectrum TV package and Internet service.

 Is there any current happening in the land of tech that you would like to share with us? Comment below. 


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