The things not to do whilst screen recording

In the virtual world, every tool is essential and will help you make your work easier. For instance a screen recorder, you might think this is useless but for global business and YouTube teachers, it is a toll without which they can’t work.

If you have a skill you can make loads of money off it by giving tutorials and the only tool you would need is a screen recorder with a face cam

As a teacher, your screen would be the board, on which you will show how to do the work meanwhile the facecam will show your face.

You might be thinking that the YouTube screen recorder is enough but no it isn’t you also need the facecam to cater to those people who can’t listen but read your lips. When you are a teacher or an influencer you have to think of all kinds of people – the audience in diverse in all forms. 

There are a lot of apps in the market where you can do YouTube screen recording but we suggest using VideoProc because of its GPU hardware acceleration

A few other reasons to use VideoProc can be 

  • Even if you are a beginner or have years of experience you will find VideoProc easy to use and go about. You can resize, tri, rotate and do every type of video manipulation on this app. 
  • The app is lightweight which means that you can easily use it without worrying that it will get stuck or take up too much of your space. 
  • If you are wondering what GPU acceleration means then this will allow you to edit your videos faster- even if you have a show computer. 
  • You can do some of the most complex processes on this app rather than switching software (as done with other software’s). For instance you can add watermarks on your video and adding subtitles 
  • Lastly with the help of this app you can have ringtone-creation feature,  do iPhone screen recording without the annoying red iOS status bar, converting 3D video resources to 2D, the ability to transcode audio from any popular file format to iOS-friendly formats like AAC, MP3, AIFF and M4A. All this and with one app.

So what are you waiting for download VideoProc right away and start recording – right away!

Now there are a lot of tutorials that will teach you how to screen record but none tell you what not to do when doing screen recording. 

Here are a few things that you should not do when doing a screen record.


  • Too many applications running at the same time


Before you start do tidy up your screen too many windows can make the tutorials confusing for the audience. Also, too many windows can slow down your computer’s processing speed.


  • Check your audio 


Always make it a point to test your audio level before you go ahead and record.  It’s frustrating to know that you just got done recording a whole video but your audio mike was off and nothing you said got recorded. To place audio on video in editing is a hassle you wouldn’t want to go through. 


  • Avoid interruptions


Make it a habit that when you are recording you inform everyone in the house not to make noises or do the recording at a time when no one is home to avoid interruptions. To trim these background noises later is a pain.


  • Go slow 


Now you have the practice of doing things fluently but try to slow down for the sake of the students who need time to grasp everything. So take your time in explaining each step and speak slowly. 


  • Plan ahead 


People often think that once they start recording everything will come in a flow. That is the biggest mistake you can make. So before you start working on the tutorial make a list and the script of things. This will ensure that your recording will fall through seamlessly whilst recording.

In the virtual world, everybody is making space through their talent and there is still a need for more. It is always beneficial to have side revenue and if you have a skill making money off that is the easiest.

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