Things to advice your kid for online-learning 

Online learning is becoming an integral part of the educational systems across the world. Ignoring it is not the solution; even though parents think it is a bit dangerous for their kids’ physical and mental safety, we are still bound to follow the new educational trends.  

Everything is safe if you know how to use it. It is better to tell your child about the safety measures, instead of stopping them from online-learning. It is the need of the hour and ignoring it will not be wise. 

In this regard, the first thing is picking up the right platform; lido learning is one of them that claims to be a safe place for your kid, where your kid can learn the best things with proper security.  

The following are what you should advise your kid before you give them a PC or a tablet to learn. Otherwise, a threat to your child’s and family safety will linger throughout this period. 

Tell them to stay away from strangers.  

While your kid is learning through online classes and platforms, there is a high chance that he may come across some strangers, especially if the online platform is linked with Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media site. So, to avoid any inconvenience, you should teach your child about the difference in talking with a known and unknown person.

Moreover, children only need to hear the logic, so do not brush it under the carpet. Tell them valid and logical reasons to avoid making friends online so that they must follow your advice.  

Ask them to share their strange experiences.

There are several spam sites with wired and inappropriate content; you should ask your kid to tell you about confronting any such thing. So, that you may block that site, do not act as a spy. Most parents think that checking the web page history would help them tackle such issues, but what they do not reckon is their relationship with their child. You cannot let your kid feel like a suspect.  

Teach them to pay online 

When everything is online, so paying online is not a big deal now. Much software will ask you to pay online, so it is essential to teach your kids. Not only for letting them pay but also to help them understand any fraud. Kids often tend to share the bank card numbers and some other details, only because they were oblivious of all these things. To avoid any such financial trouble, teach your kid to pay online through a debit card, but the best thing is your kid should tell you before making any online transaction.

Share the password 

It is only possible when you have built a very strong and ideal relationship with your kid. Strict parents cannot ask for it, but if you let your kid feel trustworthy and smart, they may easily share their passwords with you.  

If your kid is not well-informed about the weaknesses of a system, he will never be able to use it properly. So a responsible parent will always try to enable his child to use a system with proper knowledge.  


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