Things To Avoid When Buying Dedicated Servers

If we are using a shared hosting since years and realizing your traffic been increasing day by day and recently you felt that something is not right. Then probably it’s time to go for a dedicated server.

So as to cope with the current market scenario it’s mandatory to go on line and tap every potential market with a dedicated server specially cheap vps, but again it depends how active you are online.

Let’s say if your website is realizing more than 3000 visitors per day than definitely navigating on to a dedicated server would be a wise decision.

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Let’s understand Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is normal server where you host your website or portal but the advantage is that its 100% dedicated to your website. Today in the market there are many vendors who sell and lease out dedicated servers as per the customer’s need.

Today in the market most of the companies are on shared hosting which means multiple websites running on a single server or mapped with single connection utilizing the common server resources also. Now few questions might hit like what is the capacity of a shared server?

How many websites can be hosted on a single server?

The answer is that these multiple sites hosted on a shared server are not having substantial traffic. In case one of the sites starts to drive quality traffic then it’s necessary for it to transfer on to a dedicated server.

One Crucial thing to Remember while Buying

If you are going for a lease model then ensure that you avoid any middle men and get it from a direct service provider. The advantage of procuring the server from direct service provider is that in case if you face any problem you need not have to run behind any consultant or middle man vendor that may consume a lot of time. When the customer sees and feels elongated down time of your site. You start losing their faith and hamper your business specially for shopping store.

Lease or Buy

 It’s one of the vital decisions any organization needs to take on time. But the answer to the question is viable to specific needs of the buyer. Mostly in the market the fresh companies go for lease model as they work on tight budget where as fully fledged companies can afford to buy. In current market

scenario most of the fresh companies are getting pretty good benefits from leased servers as it becomes suitable for them to manage their expenditures

and pay on monthly basis. So it’s strongly recommended to gather enough information before investing on dedicated server hosting so that you can take a wise decision in favor of your business.

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