Tips for riding a taxi

Recently, my neighbor got into a serious trouble, and the reason was carelessness. The taxi driver was a drunkard and a freak, she did not realize it, as she claimed it to be a silent ride.

Usually I use maxi cab, I am not sure what sort of cab she was riding, but I was absolutely shocked on finding out that she was unaware of some safety tips. While riding any local or private vehicle, 0people ought to stay more alert.

In public transport, you are under the authority and control of government, but when you are riding a public vehicle, then for making sure that you are sound and safe you must stay very active. Here are some tips which you need to follow

  • Ask your driver, about the estimated fare. Many times, people think that it is smart not to ask about the fare before riding the cab. This is not a smart strategy; you can fall into serious trouble if the driver turns out to be rude or fraud. You must try to bargain before hiring the cab.
  • Try to ask at least 3 taxi drivers, before picking up any. Save your money. Sometimes, drivers take advantage of rider’s hurry. So, make sure that you do not give any such impression especially while riding any cab.
  • Do not hail in a taxi, call a taxi. Sometimes, some spams or those who are working with thieves would call you up just by noticing the expressions on your face and ask you for a ride. Ignore them, walk a bit forward and stop a cab for yourself.
  • Look for the taxi equipment’s such as the meter, the gauge etc. if you do not find any ask the driver about it. so that he may understand that you are not a fool.
  • If you are on a longer ride, try to talk with the rider. So that you may understand what sort of person he is.
  • Lastly, you must note the number and if you feel any sort of suspicion, then immediately send that number to a few close friends or family for your safety.
  • Tell the driver, about the route, you plan to go on. force him to follow only familiar routes. You must not sound rude but convincing. This way you will indirectly convey a strong message of strength and independence. Secondly, he won’t think that you are new in town.

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