Tips to rent your home to tourists

The first reluctance to rent your second home when you have it available is normal, either because you have to face the rent management or because of the “intrusion” feeling in your house. However, everything is easier and more comfortable than you might think a priori and the profitability of this investment is very high. Our friends of Rentalia present you some tips to make everything easier for you, such as setting the most appropriate price or face without fear of the legal issues involved in renting

1. Set the most appropriate price
There is no universal law to establish the price of a holiday accommodation, however there are several tracks that will help you establish the correct price. To know in what price range your province moves, make a small market study with the accommodations in your area. Compare capacity, situation, qualities, etc …

You may want to position your accommodation in a more exclusive price range by raising the price, or look for a constant occupation throughout the year lowering it. It establishes prices according to seasons and according to the amount of time reserved. The traveler will be compensated and you will ensure a longer period of occupation with the same tenant (adjust prices for longer stays)

2. Be careful with logistics
The cleaning and maintenance of the house are very important. In tourist sites there are companies that can solve the delivery of keys and cleaning. If there are no companies of this type in the area, look for a person of confidence who can take care of the cleaning and the delivery and collection of keys. You must have a direct contact with who is responsible for these tasks to be able to correct any question that may arise related to maintenance and cleaning
Try to make the decoration and furniture colorful and comfortable. Keep in mind that in the photos of your ad you will see the decoration that will influence the traveler’s decision. Feeling at home is one of the distinctions of holiday homes compared to the common impersonal decorations of hotels
A couple of tricks when it comes to furnishing the house:
– If you can choose, that the kitchen is glass ceramic since it is safer

– A bedside table is very useful for traveler and owner
– Mattresses must have all cover
– If you provide towels make sure they are sufficient for all tenants
– Includes basic cooking products: oil, salt, sugar, coffee …
Many times the “extras” (such as barbecue, crib, dishwasher, table football, ping-pong, free wi-fi …) make you distinguish yourself from the competition and that the traveler decides for your accommodation
3. Do not be afraid of legal issues
Some legal processes may seem heavy at first but you will find that the basic ones can be solved in a short time. According to the LAU (Urban Leasing Law) you can allocate a home to the holiday rental occasionally. We recommend signing a vacation rental contract and reflect the income in the IRPF statement
If you exercise the activity on a regular basis, it is best to register the accommodation as a tourist apartment in the Tourism Ministries of each Autonomous Community. There are special insurances for holiday homes
4. Internet is your best ally to get customers
The holiday rental sector is not new, much less, but with the Internet is experiencing an authentic revolution. Tourists no longer look for accommodation in guides or newspapers. They do it on the Internet. Make your ad on the Internet competitive and very visible. Focus your economic efforts on making your ad on the Internet attractive to tourists
Answer quickly, by e-mail and by phone. By announcing your accommodation on the Internet you will have to be prepared to receive many requests via e-mail. Tourists are still using the phone, as it is more immediate, but many of them will make a first contact through email. Get used to consulting the e-mail several times a day and answer as quickly as possible. You will transmit seriousness and professionalism
5. Take care of your tenants before, during and after your stay
Give more than what you expect. A satisfied tenant will not hesitate to recommend your accommodation to everyone. You can do it by talking with your small circle of friends or by posting a positive comment about your Internet accommodation before a massive audience

Keep a smooth communication with the tenant in the reservation process, in the time that you stay in your holiday home and in the process of return of deposit (“before”, “during” and “after”). This will help you avoid possible misunderstandings as recommend the luxury apartments barcelona

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