Top 11 Ways That Students Could Annoy The Heck Out Of A Professor

Yes, it is a given that people are generally annoying. But it is more bearable when the person being the nuisance is related to you as compared to a complete stranger.
Now imagine the classroom as a mini world stage where you get to meet people of different character and personality. Here, each student brings to class a diverse mixture of interests, motivations, desires, fears, insecurities, strengths, and points of view. Some of which can be very annoying
Here are eleven number of things, from a poll of 73 professors, including myself, which students do, on and off the classroom, which many professors find annoying.

1 – Talk over the teacher: Many professors get pissed off when their students talk over them, especially when they are trying their best to explain a concept or situation to a Student. If you know too much then why come to class or even speak with a professor on an issue. In addition, doing it is a mark of disrespect to the professor.

2 – Telling a professor the grade you deserve: Professors hate it when students keep on about the type of grades that they deserve, but are not willing to work for it. If you want good grades, then hit the books.

3 – Students behaviour during classroom events: Students who decide to remain on the fence during classroom discussions and assignments can be annoying to many professors. Same for students who want to show that they know it all and dominate classroom activities.

4 – Skip class: Most professors get angered by the fact that students miss classes especially for no little to no reason. So of them would tell you that they missed classes because of traffic or lack of sleep. But the truth, many a time, is because they dislike the class or have a strong dislike for a particular teacher, etc.

5 – They Complain unnecessarily: Some students will complain and find fault with just about everything. Whether it’s the amount of homework, their seats, or the opinions of their classmates, it is impossible to get through a lesson without somebody complaining about something. They even complain about their low grades even when they are not putting in the effort. Students do this to evade taking responsibility and to distribute blame. Grow up students, you are no longer in high school. If students keep acting like this, then how do they hope to take responsibility to learn things that would make then successful in society

6 – Fall asleep: Now I know how my professor must have felt when I fell asleep in the classroom during lectures. Professors hate this because you signaling to them that their lecture is boring and a total waste of your time. But it is not always the case as a bad night’s sleep, in addition to a large meal before a lesson, and even poor circulation in the classroom might cause a student to nod off.

7 – Act out: There is almost a 99.9% probability that every class has a class clown. Students might misbehave for different reasons including intentionally using their cell phones to interrupt the classroom or some may just be talking and giggling with colleagues while the lecture is ongoing. while some may do this out of boredom, others do it to spite the teacher, which sometimes could lead to a pissed off professor. Generally, it seems that most of those who act out do so out of a deep seeded need for attention.

8 – Use of cell phone: In addition to the above, some students will use their cell phones in the classroom to gain access to an incredible number of tools and apps that can distract them from a boring lecture. This is because they are simply not interested in anything that the professor has to say even after the professor has put in a lot of work to prepare for the lecture—see how that can be annoying.

9 – Make poor to no excuses: There are two types of people in life, those who believe that they are in control of the events that surround them and those who believe that the things that happen to them are determined by outside factors. The former have what is known by psychologists as an internal locus of control, and the latter is known to have an external locus of control. Students that have external loci are likely to make excuses even for something that could easily be avoided. It is worse when students, without any excuse, come late or leave the classroom too early. Hopefully, the behavior does not continue when they find a job

10 – Procrastinate: Professors hate it when students decide to procrastinate an exam, a meeting, or an assignment at the very last minutes. Students that do this create unnecessary inconvenience to the professor. What? you think that they have nothing else to do with their time. The main reason students procrastinate is that they are terrified of failure. Some students will procrastinate because they are perfectionists and feel that no matter much effort they put forth, the end result will never be enough.

11 – Cheat: Many professors take the time to review an exam, and also set an exam that is at an appropriate level for their students. Some even go to the point of repeating the same question in the final exam only to have the students try to cheat in the said exam. This could be annoying and discouraging to the said professor. Cheating students see their behavior as an exception to the rule. They see themselves as morally exempt. Students who cheat tend to be lazy, entitled, and/or perfectionists.

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