Top Of Original Gifts For The Graduation Of Your Daughter


Graduations are almost here, and from now on, parents, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends, boyfriends, are thinking what to give to their favorite person, but some people prefer a present that is original and unique. If you ask yourself, what can I give you? In addition to flowers and chocolates or clothes, we are sure that these extra gifts will make you feel super special.

Some options that we present in this list can be ordered online here on Evermee, so check the shipping and delivery dates so that your gift is not late. Remember that the price does not matter, but the detail and intention with which you give it.

Graduation gifts

After a few long years, interspersing parties and libraries, finally your friend or son finish college. It is a glorious moment for them and for the whole family, so in our Graduation gift ideas for daughter section you will find the most original gifts, so you can make the new graduate even happier.

It is time to get handsome, put on the mortarboard and go out to receive the precious title that you have been waiting for so much. That’s why you have to live up to it, and give it a good detail to remember this day all your life.

As we know that you do not usually celebrate many university graduations (unless you have many children or friends), we have made a small list, which can help you when deciding between our products.

Original gifts of university graduation and baccalaureate

We start with our soft and comfortable cushions, fully customizable with the graduation photo and the year of the promotion. We also have them of two types, a gift for university graduation and another for diplomas and graduations at school. Also, if the teacher is very guilty of graduation, we also have a cushion so she knows she is the best.

You can not miss in the act, our personalized graduation balloon, to celebrate this event in the best possible way.

If you are addicted to coffee or cookies at home, our personalized graduation cups are the best options. In addition as with the cushions, we have several types, for the university, for the institute and for the teacher.

If you prefer more material things, our scratch maps are amazing. We have maps of Spain, Europe and the world. Now that you have finished the race, encourage him to travel to learn about cultures and speak languages, and he will become a made and right man.

If you are a beer lover, give him our kit to create your own beer. Surely you will spend days researching, I tried to create the best beer in the world.

A more classic gift for these dates, is our Pierre Cardin pen engraved and also with usb memory of 12 gigabytes. A very complete and useful gift for the working life that awaits you.

How could it be otherwise, this day is characterized as a great holiday. That is why you can not miss at home our fiestona lamp, which creates an incredible atmosphere and experience.

The best gifts to celebrate graduation

As you can see, our graduation gifts section is full of good ideas and gifts . If you have not yet decided on any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise and help you, so that your gift is perfect for the occasion. We also have an express delivery service, with home delivery in less than 24 hours in national territory, and 48-72 hours in the rest of Europe.


The graduation is a really important goal for a person who is committed to the studio for years with passion and dedication. Friends and relatives of the graduate share their joy on the day of celebration of this event: when the best friend or best friend, son or daughter graduate, all the people who love them organize celebrations and choose important gifts to congratulate. But how to choose the perfect gift for graduation? The gift for such an important occasion must be the symbol of an almost magical moment, from which to always carry the memory. Although the graduate is a boy or a girl, the most significant gift idea is surely a jewel, which perhaps you can choose depending on the faculty in which you completed the studies.


If you find it very difficult to find the perfect gift, it is also valid that you let her decide, take her shopping to her favorite store and let her choose. You also have the option of giving away gift certificates from the stores you frequent regularly. There are from 100 pesos and it is your decision what you want to pay the card.

Take advantage of the discounts that some physical stores and online can offer you, you never know what you can find.

No matter what you intend to give him, surely your mom will value him to the fullest.

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