We need Famisafe to protect our children from dangerous things in Internet

Yes, we continue to believe in that utopian internet from the beginning, where anonymous and free citizens discovered a virgin world full of possibilities to communicate and share knowledge. I remember the hubbub that was mounted in the computer room of my university campus every time someone showed a new technology or advance related to the Internet.

Immersed in that youthful excitement, the dawn of the internet illuminated a horizon without borders or flags, not controlled by governments or companies, a playground without billboards and where commercial use was even prohibited.

Today the Internet is something else. That is why we wanted to list the main side effects that the use of the Internet produces in our view. 

In many cases the Internet produces addiction: the more you use the more cravings for repetition and the more symptoms of addiction, feeling discomfort and anxiety in the moments of disconnection. Opening a quarantine period to “disconnect” can be highly recommended, especially on vacation.

The Internet generates over-information from the moment we have all become a source of information. Not even going to supposed sources of prestige gives credibility to the information found, since everything is copied and pasted, everything is replicated, both the truth and the lie, producing a real chaos that plunges us into permanent doubt. In this chaos everything is liable to be fraud, lie or error.

The ease of emitting and receiving all kinds of multimedia content from and to all kinds of devices has invaded the network of banal and superfluous content: texts, photos and videos launched without a prior process of creation or reflection, but simply by participate in the great “social party”, on the hunt to climb positions in the ranking of the “most social”. In this way, the Internet is nowadays fertilized grass for the growth of a high percentage of trivial, childish and absurd content, which expires in a few seconds.

The visibility of social accountants of the type “number of friends” or “number of followers” ​​has created a culture of social ostentation that encourages constant competition in popularity. A popularity that in most cases is an imposture practiced by advanced users and that does not correspond to the same recognition in the real world. The purchase and sale of bags of false followers or alleged friends offered by some companies is an example of the degree of corruption this practice has led us to.

Do you know what your child is consuming on the internet? The content of the conversations he exchanges with friends, the applications he uses and where does he go when he says he is going for a walk with friends?

The answer to these questions is probably a “No”. Well, the truth is that it is impossible to control everything that our children access today and that puts them at serious risk. It is common to see cases of virtual harassment of children and even exaggerated addictions to certain applications. It is true that this is a very difficult mission, but it can be facilitated with the use of some monitoring and parental control tools.

For those who do not know the term “parental control” refers to the resources that parents have to limit children’s access to the internet. A good example of this is the FamiSafe app, it is an app that offers several services so that parents and loved ones can have greater control over the content accessed by children and, thus, can guarantee their safety.

Among the various benefits of this tool, the following stand out:

1- Blocking Websites and Apps

Of course, there are several sites that are not suitable for children. It is normal to have applications that automatically block pornographic sites, for example, FamiSafe even has this automatic block as well. But in addition, the app also offers the possibility to block other applications that you consider harmful, such as gambling sites, betting, etc. Simply restrict access as soon as you detect the danger in your child’s browsing history. Again, Famisafe can be used as a tool for YouTube Parental Controls.

2- Real-Time Location

The difference with FamiSafe for other tools is that it offers real-time geolocation. In other words, you can follow your children’s steps “live” without having to keep asking where they are. We all know that children and even teenagers hate being monitored and giving satisfaction, but with the app you can do this without your child knowing. And, in addition, this functionality also allows you to block certain places. Thus, whenever your children approach these “forbidden” locations, you will be notified.

3- Prevention of Virtual Harassment

An impossible mission is to discover everything that our children talk on the internet, besides what is a huge invasion of privacy. However, for the safety of children, parents need to know dangerous details that can lead to virtual harassment, whether sexual or bullying. With FamiSafe, parents can detect suspicious text whenever their children use chat apps or even social media. You can also register words that you consider dangerous, so whenever the word is detected on the child’s cell phone you will receive an alert.

How to use

Now that you know the benefits; you’re probably looking forward to trying the app. To do it is very simple, you just need:

1- Install the App

To access the platform you need to download the application on your smartphone and the child’s phone. For this you can access the App Store or Google Play and download it on both devices.

2- Register

Once the application is installed it is time to register, to do so, provide some data to the platform and register. Fill out the entire registration with the necessary information.

3- Configure

Now it’s time to configure the application with your preferences and the tools you want to use. Once the settings are made, just start enjoying the benefits offered by the platform in a very simple and fast way.

Now you got the parental knowledge. Interested in Famisafe? You can start by understanding how to put parental controls on YouTube. Good luck!


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