Web.com Reviews Looks at The Cheapest Places to Live in The United States


Whether you are a young professional who wants to achieve the American dream or someone starting a family in a good neighborhood, building funds and lowering debt is always a high priority. According to Web.com Reviews, one of the best ways to do that is to live in an area with a low or reasonable cost of living. It helps to free up your income and puts extra cash in your hand. Here are some of the cheapest places to live in the United States:

The Places

  1. Harlingen, Texas – Located in the southern part of the State of Texas, Harlingen is a quiet and friendly town with a population of around 64,000. It has a cost of living that is over 20 percent less than the national average with a median home price of around $234,000. That price tag is great news for families. 


Even if you want to rent a place, you may be astonished to know that the average rent here is just around $730 every month. Even the cost of groceries is 18 percent lower than the national average where you can get a hamburger for around $3.49 and with $2 less, you can get a carton of eggs. 


  1. McAllen, Texas – Despite being the largest city in Hidalgo County, Texas, this place has an estimated population of just around 143,000 people. The cost of living here is 24 percent less than the national average and median household income is around $45,000. If you liked the housing cost at Harlingen, you would love it here, since housing cost in this city falls 37 percent below the national average. 


However, the best statistic that may convince you to relocate here may be the healthcare cost that falls 26 percent short compared to the rest of the nation. Moreover, the city has been consistently ranked among the safest places to live in Texas with zero murders reported during 2018.    


  1. Kalamazoo, Michigan – As you move north to the state of Michigan, the city of Kalamazoo with a humble population of 74,000 may surprise you in pleasant ways. The original home of the famous Gibson Guitar Corporation is a homeowner’s paradise with housing costs that are around 39 percent less than the national average. 


Even if you make the city’s median household income of $37,000, the low average rental cost of $650 each month allows you to make better use of your money. The average cost of a meal is also barely above $10. 


  1. Memphis, Tennessee – The city once played a prominent role in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and also has quite a low cost of living compared to the rest of the country. The median earning here is around $37,000, but the low cost of rent and housing allows you to save more with careful planning.



Web.com Reviews suggest that you should relocate to one of the places mentioned above or somewhere else with a lower cost of living if you want to keep more of what you earn to yourself. 


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