what an SEO consultant does?

The problem is that the idea that is taken of them is that they are computer savvy who position web pages, but there is ambiguity in abundance. With this article we are going to try to shed some light on the matter.

Minimum studies that an SEO consultant has
Surprise: they are not required! Or at least there are some regulated studies in the line of other areas of the world of online marketing. But of course, you have to be realistic: a person who has never felt a bit of curiosity about what is new, or who has not had the patience to read, or who directly sees mixed codes and texts and comes down, has all the ballots for no to succeed as an SEO consultant.

Do you need to be a college student?
Well no. An SEO is needing curiosity, expertise, mental agility, patience and a computer. No money, no higher engineer degree, no bachelor. Yes, by reaching certain levels of education, the challenges that a person is going through are increasing, providing them with experience, tools to develop in less favorable environments and an increasingly thin eye to assess the challenges that arise. But we insist that it is not at all essential and that there will always be people and people; a 20-year-old who does not finish ESO at the time can be the same or better SEO than any engineer or graduate.

Now, what does an SEO consultant do?
The world of positioning is very broad and therefore difficult to dominate by the same person in its entirety; there will be consultants whose strengths differ from those of others. It is a recurring phenomenon in all professions in the history of humanity and the SEO consultant is no exception. Instead, there are a series of basic tasks that are essential to know how to do to allow a person to assert that they work in positioning in a professional manner.

SEO on page: internal audits
Internal audit is one of the best known SEO consultants. This has to be able to reach a website and analyze it internally and externally. You have to master the HTML code (adding Javascript, php and css would be ideal) and know which lines or tags are harming, as well as benefiting, the indexing in the website’s target search engine. And if an indexing is not fluid, as you will know, it leads to consequences that move within the range “the web does not go up in Google” until “we have lost the domain forever”, going through the “catastrophe,” “drama” or “And now I do what I do”.

In an audit, of course, the analysis of keywords is also included. What make you appear at the top of the search engines? Which ones do not appear in the 80th position? Which one do you want to win? These are questions that must be answered.

SEO off page: the famous science of creating links as say agencia seo barcelona
Linkbuilding is at least as important as a good strategy on page. Is it more urgent? At all, but you should never leave it aside and, moreover, you have to do it right. An SEO consultant, with its tools, is able to see which web pages contain links that point to yours and assess whether they are beneficial or harmful links. It does not add the same value that Wikipedia links to when the page of your neighborhood community does so, right? That’s where the matter goes, and SEO consultants should be able to do a full link audit. And as with the keywords, here are also the suggestions and objectives: interesting, very interesting and links to the “strictly necessary”.

Study of the competition
The competition, as you can assume, is in the same situation. He has a strategy on page, an off page and someone who takes them to perfection – now we will see the campaigns. Never forget that your competition observes you, so you should never stop watching them as well. In addition, the study of your competitors will allow you to set a path to follow, with which you will be able to reach them, then overcome them.

SEO Campaigns
If you do not like walking alone, the SEO consultant accompanies you. They not only design strategies on and off page, but they are capable of executing them, without haste but without pause. They know how to access the code of the web and modify it, so that the guidelines that have to be followed, obtained in an audit are fulfilled and, therefore, the web escalates positions in the search engines.

Monitoring and monitoring
A great and perfect SEO job will stop automatically if you do not regularly monitor the changes it causes. An SEO consultant is also responsible for doing so, as well as making variations in the strategy previously established in order to optimize the growth, since with very good planning that has been done, unexpected events can always arise.

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