What are the Advantages of Watching Television

Television is an essential part of any modern household. It has been so since its inception. Studies show that an average U.S. consumer spends at least 238 minutes a day watching TV. The reason why television technology is so popular among the masses is that it displays top-of-the-line information and entertainment content from around the globe in the most vivid way possible. By doing so, it engages the human mind and creates a sensory experience like none other. If you’re still wondering what are the advantages of watching television in the present era, then read the following benefits and alleviate your concerns.

Enhance Your Knowledge

TV is a great tool for learning new things, new cultures, and new developments in different fields. Kids can pick up verbal cues and accurate social responses from watching cartoons. They can also learn about the deep mysteries of nature by turning on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, or National Geographic. Cable services like TWC TV offer excellent educational programming from the likes of TLC, PBS Kids, Baby First TV, DIY Network, Science Channel, Travel Channel, and more. Overall, television has a stark educational benefit, which is hard to deny.

Relax and Unwind

Nothing feels better than turning on the television after a hard day’s work. When you plop into your comfortable couch and switch to your favorite channel on the TV, you immediately notice a reduction in your stress level. On top of that, channels like Comedy Central with stand-up performances and witty jokes crack you up from the inside; building up endorphin levels in your body and helping you unwind systematically.

Stay Up-To-Date on Current Affairs

It is important to know what’s going on around the world, so you can increase your quality of life and stay ahead of the curve. Television provides the best news programming in that regard, which covers all aspects of life – be it politics, climate, finance, business, education, technology, sports, medicine, advertising, or entertainment. You can listen to hourly highlights, panel discussions, and the latest journalistic findings on a local, national, and international level.

Bond with Friends & Family

Television gives you a chance to deepen your relationships, so you can experience greater social bonding and feel less isolated. For instance, on Super Bowl game nights, you can huddle together in the living room with family, watch the scores in utmost anticipation on the TV and cheer your favorite team in unison. Similarly, on Christmas Eve, you can sit near the warm fireplace with eggnog in hand and turn on the special holiday-themed movie marathon on TV. You can also invite your friends for a weekend sleepover, order the best movies on demand from your cable provider, and watch them together on the TV. So on and so forth.

Participate in a Sub-Culture

Popular movies and TV shows often have tight-knit fandoms. These fandoms behave like sub-cultures, promoting a common, collective interest and devoted to, in most cases, a vast fictional world. Once you enter such a sub-culture, you become more aware of technical details and the ideas that a movie or TV show proposes. Not only that, you fiercely defend what you hold dear about that world, and gain the ability to think critically. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Twilight series, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Universe, and Game of Thrones have some of the most dynamic fandoms in all of TV history, which you can become a part of by simply watching television.

Expand Internationally

Sticking to national blockbusters and TV series made in your region may sound like a good idea. After all, who can deny the merits of familiarity? However, television challenges you to broaden the horizon of entertainment and delve into international programming of the best sort. Once you watch Japanese anime dubbed, French films, and Spanish tele-novellas, for instance, you become more open to diversity and more prone to think outside the box. By absorbing new languages, new traditions, new tropes, new ideas, new themes, and new cinematographic wonders, you experience a perspectival expansion, which benefits you in the long run.

Save Money

Television carries an endless array of movies and TV shows in high-definition, which you can watch from the comfort of your home, one after the other by subscribing to a single package. Conversely, if you go to the cinema, you will have to pay $10 – $15 for a ticket every time you plan to watch a movie. On comparing the costs, you will see how television is much more cost-effective.

Wrapping Up

There is no denying the fact that television has a lot to offer in terms of learning, stress-relieving, informing, entertaining, bonding, and saving money, as this post shows. So, keep your television intact and think TWICE before cutting the cord.

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