What are the tourist apartments

The tourist apartments are those establishments destined to provide the tourist accommodation service and that fulfill a series of requirements that we do not always know. In this article we explain some basic questions about this topic.
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The requirements that tourist apartments must meet are:

1. Be composed of a set of accommodation units that are marketed in common by the same owner.

2. They can be apartments themselves, or villas, chalets, bungalows or similar buildings.

3. They must be ready for immediate occupation and have adequate furniture and facilities for the conservation, processing and consumption of food and beverages within each accommodation unit.

In this sense, will be considered as operating companies of this type of accommodation natural or legal persons – owners or not thereof – that allow consumers and users the occasional use or enjoyment of the apartments, as usual and professional. In addition, they must be recorded as such in the Tourism Registry of Andalusia.

It is presumed that a hosting service of this type is usual when it is offered to users through any means of dissemination or advertising, or when accommodation is provided on one or more occasions within the same year for time that, taken together, exceeds one month On the other hand, owners of one or two apartments located in the same building that rent them directly for rent for occasional holiday use are not considered as operating companies within this scope as say a luxury apartments barcelona

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