What Do You Learn in Security Guard Training?

When it comes to courses like the ABST security guard training course or other security guard training, it helps to be informed about what to expect. The career of being a security guard is dynamic and multifaceted, so keeping a keen eye out for information can be very beneficial. Those interested in becoming security professionals must be appraised of what happens next so that they can be properly prepared.

Today, Intercept Security Services provides information about security guard training, and specifically, what topics are covered in training. Some of the topics covered include proper personal safety, crowd control and more. These are just a few of the topics, however, so keep on reading down below for the whole scoop!

Topics Covered in Security Guard Training

Personal Safety

Personal safety is just one of the topics covered in ABST security guard training courses or similar programs in other jurisdictions. One aspect of being a security guard is putting yourself in danger, and understanding how to deal with these situations can be an invaluable skill. In most circumstances, you may be surprised to know that the solution is not an aggressive one. Instead, mediation and de-escalation are much more important.

Legislative Awareness

As ABST security guard training courses do involve exposure to crowd control and personal safety measures, legislative awareness training is an important topic. It covers the rights and freedoms of Canadians, as described in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The training also includes information about workplace health and safety, ethics and information about the security act.

Crowd Control

One part of security guard training deals with the need for crowd control. This includes information on how to take control of a situation, speak authoritatively and give clear instructions. These skills and the others covered are critical when it comes to public events and other duties that involve significant interaction with location patrons.

First Aid Training

First aid training is often a requirement of security training as well. This training is fairly standardized across several industries that require it due to legislative requirements. Although not all security guards will receive this training, many will, making it an important aspect of the overall program.

Proper Emergency Procedures

During an emergency, every moment is critical. Being prepared for these situations and having to be in charge of evacuation procedures or other responsibilities is an essential skill for most security guards. When training for emergencies, you will learn about how to come up with a plan, communicate with team members effectively and practice some of the more critical procedures.

These are just a few of the many skills and actions that you will learn during security guard training. They are valuable and essential to the proper carrying out of a guard’s duties. Remember, each training organization may have their own unique curriculum in place, so expect to see variations depending on where you look. You may want to consider balancing the amount of training with the cost or another metric.

Additionally, many security guards undergo training exclusively in an online environment. This is a great option for people looking to become certified quickly or those who are confident in their knowledge and abilities. Choosing the right training method for your needs is important, so ensure you consider the many options available before choosing just one.



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