What First Time Dads Need to Know After the Baby is Born

When a man’s wife shares the good news that he’s going to be a father soon, the experience is surreal.  Becoming parents is one of the most exciting times in the life of any couple. Both of you are in this exciting journey together and your little one will strengthen your partnership.  There are a lot of things that the couple will need to prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

First and foremost, the couple will have to prepare for their lifestyle change.  Secondly, as first time parents, they will need to gather information to better prepare for the child.  There are various ways to obtain information, from the internet, books, family and friends and doctors.  Lastly, they need to work out a budget and also plan the tasks after the baby is born, such as feeding the baby, bathing the baby and changing the diapers.

For first time dads, the must know the importance of their role during the wife’s expectancy stage and after the baby is born.  During the wife’s expectancy stage, the first-time dad plays a pivotal role in supporting his wife.  He needs to ensure that her physical health, mental and emotional well-being are in good condition.  This is achieved through helping his wife ensure she has proper diets, accompanying her to take up suitable activities such as exercise, long walks, meditation and providing a conducive environment to ensure she is not stressed up and reduce her anxiety levels.  He should accompany the wife to the gynae sessions and pre-natal classes.

After the baby is born, the first time dad continues to play an important role through his contribution to the child’s development, through his emotional and mental well-being.  This initial development will shape the personality and character of the child, which the child will bring with him through his entire life. 

With such an important role played after the baby is born, the first time dad must know the following to ensure that the baby grows up with a healthy personality.

Continued conversations and interactions with the baby

As bonding with the baby is important for the child’s development, the first time dad should continue his conversations with the baby after baby is born.  He should continue singing, reading stories and chat with the baby, just like what he does when the baby is in the mother’s womb.

There are currently a lot of gadgets and story books out in the market which you can find the gifts for first time dads, to help him to have his continued interactions with the baby.

Importance of shared tasks with the wife

It is always better to be prepared before the baby is born, to come up with a list of additional tasks that arise because of the new born.  The first time dad can use this list to discuss with the wife on the allocation of tasks and see how to better manage this list around their current schedule.  One of the advantages of sharing the tasks is that it gives the first time dad opportunities to spend bonding time with the child.

The above knowledge will help the first time dad have a more enjoyable fatherhood journey.


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