What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is an expert in web positioning whose main function is to optimize web pages to position them in the top positions of the main search engines organically.

Its main function is to implement strategies that improve the visibility of a website in the search engines, increase web traffic and therefore convert visitors into sales.

The main disciplines with which an SEO specialist works are marketing, advertising, programming and web design. In addition, he can work independently as a freelance SEO consultant or in an online marketing agency as say the consultor seo expert.
The main knowledge that an SEO specialist should have is the realization of a keywords research or study of keywords, analysis of the competition, strategy and implementation of SEO on page and SEO off page and link building techniques.

In addition, you must have knowledge of SEO consulting, internal linking techniques, WPO (Web Performance Optimization), SEO copywriting, local SEO or GEO SEO, ASO positioning or positioning of Apps and web analytics.

It also earns points having knowledge in web programming or at least guiding the web programmer for the correct SEO implementations. In general, an SEO expert should know:

Keyword Research
A keyword Research consists of a study of the main keywords that define a website and the selection of the best keywords to improve the positioning in Google, so it is essential that the SEO specialist knows how to do it.

Analysis of the competition
An SEO expert must know how to use SEO tools to have a periodic control of the evolution of the main keywords and “spy” and control the activity of the main competitors to detect opportunities for improvement and why not implement them on our website.

SEO on page
SEO On Page refers to all the factors within a web page to improve organic positioning. Includes indexing control, metadata optimization, friendly urls, headings, web semantics …

SEO off page and link building
The SEO off page refers to the set of techniques focused on the achievement of external links that point to our website to improve your organic positioning in Google and other search engines.

Among the main techniques of SEO off page include high in directories, comments in forums and blogs, guestblogging, reciprocal links … among others.

SEO Consulting
It consists of carrying out a web positioning consultancy to analyze the state of the web, the possible visibility problems, make an adequate diagnosis and offer the optimal solution.

SEO consulting is the first step that should be taken in a web positioning strategy.

Internal linking techniques
The internal linking of a website is very important for different reasons:

Allows users and search engines to browse our pages and therefore improve positioning
Help to transfer the link juice (authority that transmits a page through a link) on our page
It allows to increase the time of permanence on the page, which is a very important metric for SEO and to improve the user experience
WPO (Web Performance Optimization) is a key factor for SEO. It consists of optimizing the load times of a web to show the content in the shortest possible time. For this we must take into account different factors such as the type of server, the weight of the images and videos, the optimization of images …

SEO Copywriting as say consultor seo
Remember that content is the king, therefore, an SEO consultant must know how to write optimized texts for search engines to improve the positioning of the main keywords.

Local SEO
Local SEO refers to the set of techniques that allow improving the visibility of a website based on the geographical location of users.

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