What is an SEO Consultant?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, has become one of the pillars on which the current internet is based. This activity tries to optimize web pages so that they are more visible to search engines and appear better placed in the search results. This is what is called SERP, Search Engine Results Page, or search engine results page. Of particular interest are the results of Google, which is the most widely used search engine in the world and which has led to the emergence of these new techniques. SEO is, therefore, an activity that has become key in the strategy of any website, whether of a company, a media or any other entity as say a consultor seo.

ts importance is such that many companies already have specialists dedicated to the optimization of their digital products, either because they have them on staff, or because they hire the services of technicians and agencies dedicated to this task. This type of professional is known as an SEO consultant and is one of the most important profiles in the digital economy, so your choice is a delicate decision.

Thus, a professional expert in search engine positioning and, therefore, in making the contents are better indexed by them. But how does it work?

SEO on page: improving your own website
Most of the actions of SEO consultants are applied to the web that is trying to position better: it is what is called ‘SEO on page’. The experts start by carrying out an SEO consultancy to find out the searches that lead the public to the web. In addition, they will compare the positioning strategies of the competition and, with all this information, they will propose an action plan that can affect different parts of the page that they want to position better:
– To the contents: they will propose the improvement of the contents or the creation of new ones in order to improve the amount of information offered to the public and, therefore, to search engines. They will pay special attention to the fact that these contents are rich in the keywords that the public uses to search the page, working on the titles and descriptions of articles and texts.

– Architecture: in agreement with the technical team, they will propose improvements to the structure of the website and its content architecture. These changes may affect elements such as HTML markup, image tagging, the use of microformats or programming languages used in the construction of pages and services, from PHP to CSS.

– The addresses: if the page is newly created, they will propose the most appropriate domain. If it already exists, they will review the url’s structure and, when technically possible, suggest changes to make them more indexable. In addition, the SEO team will pay special attention to internal linking, which should be dense and consistent.

– Performance: they will constantly monitor parameters such as the page load time or the weight of the different elements, looking for a faster and more agile website.

– Accessibility: they will take into account the importance given by search engines to accessible content. Google, for example, highly values the fact that people with visual or hearing difficulties can consult the contents. If accessibility standards are followed, positioning will clearly benefit.

– Usability: for search engines, the ease of use of websites is important because they improve the user experience. SEO consultants will be able to suggest improvements in usability.

– Quality: SEO consultants are part of the quality control of the website and take care, for example, that the error pages are appropriate, that there are no broken links or that the sitemaps are complete and indexed as say agencia seo

– The results: much of their work focuses on monitoring the analytics of the page, controlling the traffic it receives, changes in user behavior, their origin and the places they visit when they leave the web. It is very important that this traffic is of quality: new and recurring visitors who spend as much time as possible connected to the web, run smoothly through its structure and become income or leads as profitable as possible.

SEO off page: working outside your own website
Another good part of the actions of SEO consultants takes place off the web for which they work, ie off page. The aim is to make the Internet ecosystem more favourable to the product they defend, thus contributing to improving positioning in front of Google. To this end, they will pay special attention to the following issues

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