What Is Rhinoplasty? Types OF Rhinoplasty

Today we are going to try to shed a little more light on rhinoplasty, since there are different types on it as say the center rinoplastia Barcelona.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanded operations when performing some aesthetic retouching on the face, and it is that solving problems of size or deviation in the nose is becoming more frequent, and better results are obtained.
Often, many people have reduced their self-esteem, because they see in their nose an aesthetic problem that they can not correct with makeup or creams, for these cases, where the patient suffers due to a deviation or a very pronounced nose, rhinoplasty is a great opportunity, the results are magnificent and in the end the intervention is an investment in self-esteem, and ultimately in the mental health of these people.

Open rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty closed differences:
Let’s explain the two types of techniques that exist to perform rhinoplasty:
Closed rhinoplasty: It is usually the technique most used by surgeons and offers a great advantage: there is no visible scar. Access to cartilage, septum or the area on which you must do some action through the nostrils, this way the intervention is settled without external incisions, and is much more comfortable in the long term for the patient, the fact not to see any mark of the intervention. The surgeon has access to most problem areas, so he can mold the section until the nose has the desired shape.
Open rhinoplasty: It is a more laborious than closed operation, and is based on the surgeon making an incision in the middle of the nose, in order to make the bones and cartilage more accessible. As a general rule, it is recommended for more complicated patients or second operations.
Each type of operation is recommended for specific cases where we must take into account the characteristics of the patient and their problems.

Is rhinoplasty worthwhile as an aesthetic intervention?
Rhinoplasty types The truth is that it is a very pleasant intervention for patients who undergo it, since a few small changes in the area, can completely change the profile of a person making our face is in harmony and with much more aesthetic proportions.

However, if a rhinoplasty is carried out for health reasons where intervention is necessary, we always recommend undergoing the operation without qualms, as they are accustomed and qualified professionals who usually carry out this type of intervention. and that will significantly improve our quality of life.

In short, we must know that most problems that we have in the nose, can be solved with this intervention, and know that in our case is better rhinoplasty closed or open, you can tell us about the complication of it and also if it will remain or no scar. If you have any doubt about the type of rhinoplasty or postoperative, do not hesitate to consult your surgeon any question, in order to reassure, and try to explain in more detail how to deal with your particular case.

As a recommendation, we should always consult more than one specialist, in order to finally opt for the one that offers us the most security and confidence, with the sole purpose of achieving the best possible result. Also after seeing the specialist found for us this will solve any doubt or fear that we may have causing it to disappear immediately. We will recommend the best option for our specific case, making the chances of success increase significantly.

It can also be said that with both types of rhinoplasty excellent results are obtained, and that the change of appearance is usually satisfactory in the great majority of occasions.

Both options offer fantastic results depending on the professional who attends us and the clinic in which we have carried out treatment. If we give priority to quality we will find hundreds of centers perfectly equipped and with the necessary security so as not to put our health at risk

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