What is SEO and SEM? Differences and what are they for?

When we hear about online marketing, immediately appear terms like SEO and SEM, acronyms that for many are two great strangers or, if they have heard about them, they are not clear about their differences. In both cases, the objective is the same, appear in the top positions of search engines and, therefore, be visible on the Internet.

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that one offers organic or natural results and the other gives results that are achieved through paid ad campaigns in Internet search engines.

What is SEO and SEMSEO. Appear in the top positions of Google.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing strategy used to optimize web pages for search engines. The main search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing, the first being the most used in Spain. It is a natural process, that is to say, to appear in the first positions you do not have to pay for advertising campaigns. That does not mean that it does not have an economic cost or time. SEO has a great job behind to achieve the main objective, to appear in the first positions.

The SEO strategy, to obtain the best results, must always take into account the algorithm used by the search engines and that lay the foundations when performing the tasks aimed at achieving the first positions. Otherwise, the search engine can penalize the website by removing it from the top posts and even deleting it from its listings.

A good SEO work should consist of many aspects such as the correct optimization of the website (implementation of metatags, web architecture, etc.), quality and original content or the achievement of optimal links. Without forgetting that you always have to do a good study of the keywords to use in addition to taking care of the design and usability of the web.

SEM. Get visibility with Google ads.
If in SEO the objective is to achieve organic results, the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) seeks to obtain greater visibility through paid ad campaigns. That is, advertise the products or services of our website in Google to achieve our goals.

But how do we know when a result is due to a SEM campaign and SEO? Easy, when you perform a search on Google the results that appear on the top and on the right side of the screen next to the yellow ‘Ad’ label are part of SEM campaigns. Those results are there because you’ve bid on a series of keywords and you pay for getting screen clicks and impressions.

To carry out a SEM campaign, you have to do a study of keywords with which you want to appear, assemble a structure of campaigns and ad groups and have landing pages of good quality (and related to our ads). Equally important to start the campaign is the monitoring, tracking of conversions or the optimization of negative words (which we want that when they look for our ads do not appear).
SEO requires a job that offers results in the medium term, but that will remain over time. While the SEM allows visibility in a very short time, with one inconvenience, those results will disappear from the first positions at the moment the ad campaign stops paying as say agencia seo Barcelona.

The most advisable thing is to design a strategy in which the two options are combined. Conduct a series of SEM campaigns while SEO work is achieving goals and results, is a good strategy to start having visibility in Google of the products and services of our website. It is proven that having Adwords and organic results provide a greater number of clicks, in addition to reinforcing the branding of our brand.

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