To analyze in depth what the term SEO means, we must first explain the functioning of search engines or search engines, such as: “Google”.

Google crawls all the internet in search of all the webs with relevant information. In this way, when a user searches Google for certain words, Google offers the most relevant information, in the form of a list of web pages, depending on some parameters.
PARAMETERS IN THE SEO as say seo barcelona
These parameters are many, to say a number we could say that are more than 200 important factors, and are the ones that SEO experts are continuously investigating and contrasting in order to optimize web pages according to these parameters. In this way, SEO’s can tell Google what a company does, or in what locality it is (simplifying “a little”).

Google chooses these “SEO” parameters as indicators of the quality of websites. Among them are the links that the web pages of other web pages receive, the text contained in the links, the text content in the web pages, the images that appear, the structure of the webs, etc…

In Your Web Positioning we manage those parameters so that your web page appears in the first positions for those keywords that your potential clients are looking for you…

Magic? No, SEO.
Another parameter that influences the positioning in Google or other search engines, although indirectly, is the indexability of the website.
And what is this about indexability?
What this word means is, how easy is the access to the website by Google’s robot (also known as Google’s “spider”).
If a website is prepared with a good indexability factor, it will allow Google to navigate the web quickly and therefore will index in its results more internal pages of this website.

We always have to make things easy for the robots, so they can find all the pages we want them to index.

This will result in the possibility of appearing with more searches related to the market that treats the website in question. Therefore, it is a very important factor that the web allows crawling the Google robot in a comfortable way, that is to say, that the web has a good structure and organization, in such a way that the indexability will be good.

There are other factors that influence in a very important way in the SEO of a web, the technology of the web.
To give a clear example, web pages built with Flash technology (from Adobe), are very bad for SEO, since Google can not easily access their content in text, and this is fundamental to be able to position in search engines.

We firmly believe that web design is linked to web positioning or SEO, and with the results we will obtain later, in terms of positions in Google or other search engines.

SEO “ON PAGE” as say agencia seo barcelona
SEO Optimization of the web
We call SEO factors “on page” to those factors that depend directly on the website itself, ie the content of the web, internal structure, indexability, architecture, images, etc. . In Your Web Positioning we are experts in these factors, which are the most technical SEO, and for us, are 90% of the SEO strategy. In this sense we are very different from other SEO companies that pay their full attention to SEO “off page” and leave aside web optimization.
The SEO “on page” is nothing more than the optimization of the web taking into account all the internal SEO parameters.
We speak of SEO factors “off page” when we refer to the parameters that do not depend on the website itself, that is, they are external factors. For example, links pointing from other websites to ours, or how they talk about our companies on the Internet.

For many years these links have been manipulated to deceive Google but, as we will see in the “SEO Penalties” section, they can no longer be manipulated so easily and the “off page” SEO work that some SEO’s or SEO companies did is worthless, it could only harm the companies on whose websites these techniques are applied.
For many companies still the most important factor are still the links.
We believe that this should not be so, and since we started working on this, back in 2006, we have not used these techniques of abusive links. We believe that links should be more natural, as Google specifies in its quality guidelines for websites. The best: SEO without links.
And we can not forget the off page positioning based on branding, for us is fundamental.

A fundamental key to carry out a good SEO strategy, is the choice of the palette.

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